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First Look at Character and Map of Dragon Quest XI

New information regarding Dragon Quest XI was revealed today at Jump Festa, with this came information about a few characters as well as the world map. On stage was series writer Yuji Horii, who has been writing the story for Dragon Quest ever since the beginning. The team looked back at the history of the series and wanted this new entry in the series to truly shine and almost see it as a reboot.

Main Protagonist

The hero of the game is a young man who resides within the peaceful village of Ishi. He was raised by the kind people of his village. His adventure begins on the day he turns 16 years old.


Kamyu is a blue-haired thief that the protagonist encounters on his journey. Being a thief, he’s rather rude and brash in nature, but has a strong sense of honor. He serves as a much needed partner to the fresh faced protagonist along his journey, guiding him along the way.

World Map

The world map is named “Lotozetasia” with “Loto” being a reference to the name of the main protagonist from the very first Dragon Quest game. You can see the large World Tree in the center of the map. The world map itself is very vast and expansive compared to titles in the past as you can tell.


The familiar Casino will make its return as well as the famous “Puff Puff”. Different activities you can do are based around which version of the game you have due to the hardware differences. The 3DS version is said to have StreetPass functionality.

Dragon Quest XI is set to release in Japan in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS. Square Enix has yet to share information on the game’s release for the Nintendo Switch.