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First Final Fantasy XV DLC Story to Feature a Classic Series Villain, and All New Areas

There will be much to talk about in the coming months as Final Fantasy XV rolls out its promised paid downloadable content. The first of these, “Episode Gladiolus,” is set to focus on full-blown action game aesthetics.

Aside from a few concept pieces details have been sparse, however, new information found in a special guide might have let slip a key element fans can look forward to.

According to a report by VG247, a special book that was handed out to streamers (watch the video after the break) and other fans contains a spread of pages detailing the game’s downloadable content as well as comments by DLC producer Haruyoshi Sawatari beyond what was given to press several months ago.

In the book Sawatari says, “The player confronts an enemy called Gilgamesh, who can only be seen in Episode Gladio.” For those that have played the main game, there’s a key moment this content seems to fit into. At some point during the course of the story, Gladiolus drops from your party to take care of business on his own, returning more battle damaged than before. It’s very convenient.

of course, Gilgamesh isn’t exclusive to FFXV. Our pal Greg has been found venturing through many of the series’ other titles – most famously Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIV.

The book also notes that DLC will also feature new areas beyond what we’ve seen with XV‘s open world section of Lucis. In Episode Gladio, for example, you’ll be able to go into areas that can’t be entered in the main game. Sawatari stresses the content currently in development is meant to “bring the FFXV world closer to the player, in greater depth” and will “truly blow your mind.”

Final Fantasy XV‘s current slate of downloadable content includes character episodes, online co-op, holiday items and others bundled in a Season Pass. Each character episode will focus on the core of Noctis’ friends – Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, along with an online multiplayer function available in the future.

Square Enix also plans on releasing a number of free updates for the game, including additional story sequences, playable characters and difficulty adjustments through a recent roadmap published online.