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Dataminers Discover Overwatch Holiday Event and New Character Skins

With the Halloween event over, the next unconfirmed (as of yet) event on Overwatch's calendar is the Christmas (or Holiday) event. 

Dataminers have discovered that there are 4 new map files coming to Overwatch. One of them appears to be a holiday event similar to Junkenstein's Revenge, while there will be at least one Christmas/holiday themed map. There might be up to three, but its unclear because of the way the key is coded.

According to the datamine, everyone will be getting a holiday themed spray, voice line and victory pose just like in Halloween. 

Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Mercy, Symmetra, Reaper, Sombra, Roadhog, D. Va, Ana, Soldier: 76, and Lucio have been mined to get either a costume, emote, or a highlight intro. 

And then these characters will have two of either a costume, emote, and highlight intro: Winston, McCree, Mei, Pharah, Zarya, Tracer, and Zenyatta. 

Lastly, Torbjorn is getting all three of an emote, costume, and a highlight intro - which suggests the earlier rumors of Santabjorn being true. 

Here's the datamine:

A couple of things:

First off, here's the key for Oasis:

90CA73B2CDE3164B 5CBFF11F22720BACC2AE6AAD8FE53317

2nd: I have no idea what the 6DD3212FB942714A key brings to the table, but Overtool seems to be able to handle it by it's own, so I'm not going to bother with it. (For now...)

3rd: I am 100% positive that the elusive 11DDB470ABCBA130 key is the Christmas holiday key. As such, I will be making the following predictions:

There are 4 new map files, so,

1) There will be an event, like Junkenstein's Revenge.

2) There will be at least 1 Christmas/Holiday-themed map. There might be up to three. (Possibly celebrating different holidays?)

Assuming items listed in Event_3 are Christmas event items:

3) Everyone will be getting a spray, a voice-line, and a victory pose, just like in Halloween.

4) The following people will also get either a costume, an emote, or a highlight intro:

Soldier: 76

5) The following people will have two of the following: a costume, an emote, and a highlight intro:


And then there's Torbjörn... Who is getting an emote, a costume AND a highlight intro. (Santabjörn confirmed?)

My suspicion is that the Holiday event will drop on December 13th. That will give us 3 weeks to enjoy the event, and it'll end on January 3rd. However, they MAY drop it on December 6th, and take it off December 27th, to make room for a 1-week New Years event, but I think that's unlikely this year.

The speculation of the dataminer is that the event will kick off on December 13th, which will give the community 3 weeks to enjoy the event.