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Clash of Clans TH9 3 Star GoBoLaLoon Strategy Guide

The GoBoLaLoon strategy is very powerful at TH9 and can be used to take down a number of bases. It does require Bowlers in the clan castle, which for some I appreciate is not available. Valkyries are a good alternative but will not provide the same effect as Bowlers as they can essentially get one layer deeper into the base due to the bounce of the boulder. The key objectives to take out with the Bowlers and kill squad are 2-3 AD’s, the enemy CC and enemy Archer Queen. In a completely ideal layout, the defences on the back end of the base will all be in range of the remaining AD’s and therefore able to be tanked by Hounds.

As with all of my guides I have attempted to break the strategy down into 5 steps to easier put into your own gameplay, these are: 

Step 1 – Create your Funnel 

Step 2 – Access to the Core – Wall Breakers for the outside layer, Jump to the middle 

Step 3 – Kill Squad – King, Queen and Bowlers 

Step 4 – Rage and Heal the Core – A rage over the Bowlers is deadly and they can tear down them defences quickly helping you take out the objectives. A heal is often a good choice as well to help maintain their health in the centre.

Step 5 – Lavaloon the back defences – deploy to the Air targeting defences first and make sure to wait until Lavas move across Air Defences before deploying next set of Balloons. i.e. defences distracted before deploying Balloons.

These stages are often interlinked and as you will see in the video army composition can vary. I do go over a starting block but essentially as you can the strategy down, troops and spells will vary slightly. I hope you find the guide helpful!