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Amazing Judgement Set Re-imagining

Shem Dawson, a senior 3d artist at Blizzard took on a little side project and improved upon one of the most popular and iconic Paladin sets, Judgement. This version is heading even more strongly into Warhammer 40k territory, but that's rarely a bad thing. Unfortunately for us it's nothing official, but who knows, it may end up in-game eventually if we beg Blizzard enough!

Here's what the author himself had to say about the piece:


Your darkness will not conceal you,
shadows will not hide you,
I am justice,
I am retribution,
I am judgement...and I am coming.

The Judgement Paladin armor has always been my favorite paladin set in World of Warcraft and I’ve wanted to create my version of it for a while now, so I finally did this one as my latest personal piece (this is not official World of Warcraft art). I also wanted to expand on the original and design a matching hammer for it. Thanks for taking a look!

Original Judgement armor design by Samwise Didier.
Also a big thanks to my team for all the great feedback.

This isn't the first official-ish re-imagining either, as we got a Judgement-based Uther skin for HotS a while back as well: