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Why You Need to Have Chansey Right Now in Pokemon GO

Believe it or not, Chansey is already considered as one of the strongest monsters in Pokemon GO. This is definitely a great news, especially to trainers who already own this Pokemon. Unlike in the past, this specie is a worthy buddy to have, particularly in gym battles. Here's why.

The aforementioned Pokemon is one hell of a tanky defender. It may not hit that hard unlike the likes of Dragonite and Snorlax, but the amount of HP it has, this monster can do miracles. But hey, there's more to that. With the recent update Niantic did to the game's CP (combat power), the specie has received a monstrous buff.

In Pokemon GO, Chansey now has a Stamina of 500. In terms of Attack and Defense, the figures 60 and 176, respectively, aren't a joke. And thanks to the CP update, it's sitting at a whopping combat power of 1469. If it's to calculated in percentage, that's around +157.08% when compared to its previous CP.

As mentioned, the Pokemon isn't all about hitting. It may not be the best option for attacks. However, given its ridiculous HP and defense stats, this monster is a hassle to any player out there. In fact, as what the publication states, some players can't even deal with the creature in the required allotted-time for gym battles.

If players are unable to defeat Chansey in Pokemon GO in the required time (in mere 60 seconds), they'll lose the match. As a result, the trainer using it wins the battle -- obviously. And yes, even Dragonites with maxed stats are still having issues with the creature.

A couple of players over Reddit are also stating that a 2100 Vaporeon didn't also stand a chance. Some also suggest that there's only a few number of Pokemon able to defeat the tanky monster. Other than that, they're efficiently defeated due to time restriction.

Now that Chansey has been buffed, her CP is large enough to make it into your training squads (1000-1200CP) and she is even more effective than Wigglytuff albeit a bit slow. This means Chansey is a great choice for training against almost all defenders and has been omitted from the lists below.

I've compiled a short list of effective prestigers against new high CP defenders using the calculator. You can find the list of effective prestigers against other common defenders here. This list takes the overall combat efficiency at the same CP, then scales it slightly by the time efficiency (DPS).

  1. Parasect: Bug Bite / Fury Cutter + Solar Beam
  2. Tangela: Vine Whip + Solar Beam / Power Whip
  3. Blastoise: Water Gun + Hydro Pump
  4. Vaporeon: Water Gun + Hydro Pump
  1. Mr. Mime: Zen Headbutt + Psychic
  2. Hypno: Zen Headbutt + Psychic
  3. Golbat: Wing Attack
  4. Alakazam: Psycho Cut + Psychic
  1. Parasect: Bug Bite + Solar Beam / X-Scissor
  2. Butterfree: Bug Bite + Bug Buzz
  3. Starmie: Water Gun + Hydro Pump
  4. Wigglytuff: Pound + Hyper Beam
  1. Charizard: Wing Attack + Fire Blast / Flamethrower
  2. Pidgeot: Wing Attack + Hurricane
  3. Arcanine: Fire Fang + Fire Blast
  4. Golbat: Wing Attack
Jolteon / Muk / Gengar
  1. Sandslash: Mud Shot + Earthquake
  2. Golem: Mud Shot + Earthquake
  3. Nidoqueen: Bite + Earthquake
  4. Rhydon/Marowak: Mud Slap* + Earthquake - *Mud Slap is really slow though!