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These Pokemon Will Help You Level Up Fast in Pokemon Sun & Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon has plenty of great Pokemon to help you level up and move forward into the game. Whether or not you are a beginner into the game, knowing which Pokemon will help you level up should be part of your Poke collection. You may have the necessary starters to get into the game. But having the cream of the crop from Alola region will ensure your future of being the island champion. With that in mind, we compiled a list of the fastest and strongest Pokemon to help you level up easily. Ready? Here they are:


Bewear is a Normal/Fighting-type Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon that is deceptive in looks and has deadly moves. Take the Alolan Natives' advice of taking this Pokemon seriously. Bewear looks like a cuddly ursine but its high HP makes it virtually susceptible to any attacks. This Pokemon also has a high Attack stat that allows it to deliver painful retaliation against its opponents. The only way you can beat Bewear is when you get its HP down to zero, which is no walk in the park, since it has a low Special Defense.


Crabominable is the evolved version of Crabrawler in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This Pokemon is a Fighting/Ice-type which means that it is already geared for a fight. Crabominable has a high Attack stat and its major punch moves can bring holes in enemies. The addition of the Iron Fist ability makes Crabominable's punch even stronger by 20 percent so you are sure to knock out your opponents in no time. The only problem is that this Pokemon has a low Special Attack stat so you cannot use its being Ice-type to your full advantage.


Golisopod is a Bug/Water-type Pokemon that has quite a story in Alola. Golisopod is the evolved form of Wimpod, which is much-mocked Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon due to its seemingly weak disposition. But at level 30, Wimpod will evolve to become Golispopod and will have Special Defense stat, an even higher Defense and a high Attack. Woe to those who mocked Wimpod. With these stats, Golisopod has the physical power to fight enemies and withstand attacks - however brutal they might be - with ease.


Incineroar is Litten's final evolution and is a physical powerhouse by itself in Pokemon Sun and Moon. As a Fire/Dark-type Pokemon, Incinorear can easily face down opponents. Why, he has the highest HP among the final evolutions for start Pokemon. More than that, this Pokemon packs some impressive stats for its Attack and Defense. However, Incineroar is a bit lacking when it comes to Special Attack and Speed.


Kommo-o is a Dragon/Fighting-type Pokemon that has a very solid stat all-around in Pokemon Sun and Moon. As a regal island dragon, you will want Kommo-o in your collection given that it is Bulletproof and Soundproof. It even has Overcoat that protects it from instant death attacks and drastic status changes. Pretty cool, right? Kommo-o is virtually indestructible and will prove worthy of any Pokemon fight. However, its base HP is kind of low so you have to maximize its inherent abilities to the fullest.  


In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Musdale is a Ground-type Pokemon that is not just imposing to look at but is also strong. Granted, Musdale is not a Pokemon you will choose for Special Attack or for Speed since these stats are obviously low. However, it has a high Attack and Defense and an even higher HP that makes it very powerful and intimidating against lesser opponents. A word of caution, though; try not to bring Musdale near Pokemon that are Grass, Ice or Water-types.


Primarina is a Water/Fairy-type of Pokemon and is Popplio's final evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Compared to Incineroar, Primarina is the exact opposite. One, Primarina is not very strong physically but its Special Defense and Special Attack are very impressive. The addition of a Beneficial or Neutral nature can also make Primarina very quick, things that Incineroar lacks.


Salazzle is a Poison/Fire-type Pokemon that will make players uncomfortable just by looking at it. As a Poison/Fire-type Pokemon, Salazzle Special Attack is high and you can be sure that each move would be damaging to any of its opponents. Not only is Salazzle strong, it also comes with high speed in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You might be surprised to see your opponents down on the dirt eating dust in no time at all when you have Salazzle fighting. But to get Salazzle, you have to have female Salandit since they are the only ones - not male - who have the capacity to evolve.


Toucannon is a Normal/Flying-type Pokemon that would make for a strong companion in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This Pokemon evolves to become Pikipek, another useful Pokemon that you should catch once you start the game. Toucannon can become a very mean and strong warrior-bird given enough time. It also has a high Attack stat that you can use against your enemies. Just be sure to give this Pokemon lots of tender care.

Wishiwashi School Form

Wishiwashi is a water-type Pokemon that looks nothing but a helpless anchovy with a low HP in Pokemon Sun and Moon. But at level 20, which is the time when it schools, Wishiwashi has more than 25 percent of its full HP. Not only that, this Pokemon also turns into a sea-demon that result to great boosts in stats. Beware, though: avoid Wishiwashi's school forme from breaking up by keeping its HP above 25 percent.