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Pokemon GO Update: Nest Spawn Migration Timeline & Spawn Rate Increased

Pokemon GO players have been anticipating the arrival of the next nest migration (deemed to be the 7th). And finally, it's believed to arrive anytime today. The latest one introduced and changed a couple of nests. It also added a bunch of local nests to a good number of cities all over the world. It's really interesting to see what the new migration will give.

The arrival of the 7th Pokemon GO nest migration has already been clued by The Silph Road. It's worth noting that the past three ones had around 3 week's interval. So, in a sense, the new nest migration's timeline isn't that hard to predict. And since it's still new, players can't really expect big reports from other trainers.

According to some reports, however, the new Pokemon GO nest migration will not introduce a nest change list -- at least for the time being. This is something that was possible in the past. The main reason here is the fact that each migration proved to be random. Or perhaps, they appear and make changes randomly. Hence it's difficult to know the details.

Pokemon GO players are advised to go straight to the Global Nest Atlast. The latter has already been updated to showcase the 7th nest migration. At the same, doing so will allow trainers to report their own local findings. Players are definitely in for another huge treat thanks to Niantic.

Otakukart, on the other hand, notes that the Pokemon GO nest migrations are one of the key factors of the game. It helps give the hit augmented reality (AR) game a twist, something that most players have been enjoying since its introduction. Moreover, the constant changes it makes lifts the gameplay even better.

Furthermore, the arrival of the brand new Pokemon GO nest migration is a living proof that the studio is listening to the community (at long last). Take for instance the Pokemon Buddy system: this feature wasn't supposed to be part of the game. However, with constant requests from the community, the company finally decided to add it. And well, the results turn out to be great.

On another Pokemon GO news, it looks like the latest Pokémon Go update appears to make the game a lot less stressful by increasing spawn times — the amount of time before a Pokémon disappears — from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, or even an hour.

The data for this analysis was gathered by koerrie, who runs a Pokémon mapping site for Pokémon Go. The data was gathered in Belgium, and is based on observation of 7,087 different spawn points in Pokémon Go. A spawn point is where the Pokémon enters the game world and sits until it's either caught or vanishes/despawns.

"Of the 7,087 valid spawn points, 6,387 points turned out to be 30-minute spawns and 700 turned out to be 60-minute spawns," wrote koerrie. If his data is correct, it suggests that 15-minute spawns have been patched out of the game, at least for now.

That means you have a better chance of catching a Pokemon before it despawns, because you won't be running against a harsh 15-minute clock. 

Pokémon Go players shouldn't celebrate the extra time just yet. "Data is from Belgium," writes koerrie. "Could be different in other parts of the world?" That's unclear, but other players are reporting 30- and 60-minute spawn times in the comments of koerrie's post, suggesting it's not isolated to one region.