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Pokemon GO Lapras Spawn Areas Discovered!

"Pokémon GO" enthusiasts are undoubtedly looking for ways to find Pokémon or increase their spawn rate, especially for rare ones like the Lapras.

Lapras is very rare and is lauded for its defense and attack. It is, therefore, a sought-after Pokémon. For those wanting to find one, Pokemon GO Hub observed that, while a Lapras is an Ice and Water-type Pokémon, they require a biome where water and electricity combine. The post says that the rare creature spawns in biomes where Shellder, Voltorb, and other Electric-type Pokémon also like to frequent.

Here’s a heatmap of our test area for Lapras spawns, usually a Voltorb nest:

According to the post, an electric biome near the sea is best, and these include coastlines and/or ferry docks, marinas, terminals, and harbors. Those in the city where these are located might have a better chance than those farther away from water and electricity since marinas and the like can be found in urban areas. Still, the post mentions lakes and rivers, so one might still have a chance there.

One of the players went even further and created a map depicting all of the Lapras spawns in Singapore in relation to Electric pokemon.

Some of the areas that have been reported include the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Long Beach Pike and Santa Monica Pier in California, and Pattaya Coast in Thailand.