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Pokémon Go Increases Catch Rate and Removes Some Bummer Pokemon from its Rarest Eggs

Pokémon Go received a quiet shake-up recently, as discovered by community members: Eevee, a popular-if-common find, is now one of the Pokémon that hatches out of a five-kilometer egg. That’s a big deal for players who have cracked open one too many eggs that require far more steps, only to find the normal-type favorite instead of a far more desirable Pokémon.

Developer Niantic is back at it again with some minor tweaks that players already seem to love. That's good, because even the hardest-core players are starting to get frustrated with the game.

The two biggest changes, per the official Pokémon Go Twitter account, are:
  • Pidgey and Rattata — two of the very most common Pokémon in the whole game — will no longer hatch from eggs. On the same note, the relatively common Eevee will only hatch from eggs that 5 kilometers of walking to hatch, where before it would appear in 10 kilometer eggs.
  • "You may encounter other Pokémon where Pidgey, Rattata, and Zubat were previously more commonly found," Niantic says. That means you'll find way fewer of those common Pokémon in the wild, and theoretically more rare and desirable monsters.
In aggregate, Niantic is addressing one of the biggest complaints with the game: It's way too easy to find or hatch certain Pokémon in the course of everyday playing, but way too difficult to find those last few that you may be missing.

Mixing it up and shaking around where Pokémon are located will ultimately make it easier and more fun to catch 'em all.

Over on the Pokémon Go "subreddit" community on Reddit, players are already applauding the change, calling it "proof that we are being heard." That's good news, as Niantic has so far been slow to address the steady decline of players from the game by adding new features and addressing old annoyances.

Eevee aside, that is. One of the committed Pokémon Go trainer’s biggest frustrations was walking the requisite 6.2 miles to hatch the egg, hoping to find a Snorlax ... only to get another dang Eevee instead. Now, it takes half as many steps to possibly hatch an Eevee or some other, less rare Pokémon on the same egg tier.

This is the kind of change that may be more in the weeds than casual players are familiar with, but the members of places like The Silph Road are celebrating it. Users of the dedicated Pokémon Go forum discovered the new egg lineup recently, following an update that arrived after the global Halloween event ended on Nov. 1. To them, it represents developer Niantic’s acknowledgment of the player base’s frustrations with the mobile game in recent months.

“This is good news for more than just the fact that Eevees are now in [five-kilometer eggs],” wrote user CrazedArtistCat in a popular thread on the Pokémon Go reddit. “More importantly, it shows that if enough people have a problem with something, and it makes sense for Niantic to do, there is a chance that they will do it.”

Other players are reporting that they’re finding unique kinds of Pokémon in their local areas now, indicating an update to spawn locations post-Halloween event. The Halloween festivities were also popular, as players got a chance to collect rare ghost-type Pokémon and collect more candy than usual.

The lack of an in-game tracker still looms large over Pokémon Go, however. There’s no timetable for its return, although Niantic has another big feature up its sleeve: Daily bonuses, which will reward players for logging back into the game on a regular basis.