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New World of Warcraft: Legion Legendary Artifacts Appearances in Patch 7.2

Blizzard revealed a bunch of new Legendary Artifacts for World of Warcraft during the game's panel at BlizzCon today.

The Artifacts shown today can be unlocked through completing a "solo skill challenge" and are inspired by the Rhok'delar questline in vanilla WoW, among other things. The Artifact for the Druid Guardian spec got a particularly big pop from the crowd. All of these Artifacts are coming in Update 7.2 and can be seen in the gallery below.

Legendary Artifacts are special weapons that were introduced in WoW's Legion expansion. They're intended to be your main weapon, as no others will be as strong as it. Each class spec gets a unique weapon, and as you use yours, it'll increase in power. In addition to using relics to upgrade specific traits, you can customize the appearance of your Artifact through completing various activities.

Update 7.1.5 and Update 7.2 details were also revealed at the panel. They include one-day events called micro holidays, epic flying class mounts, and a nine-boss raid. 

In other BlizzCon news, the next Overwatch character, Sombra, was officially revealed, in addition to the shooter's new Arcade section. The Arcade is a new area of the Play menu and houses a variety of new match types, including a 1v1 mode and a bunch of different Brawls. Blizzard also announced today that it's setting up its own Overwatch competitive league with city-based teams.