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How to get infinite/unlimited supply of adhesives in Fallout 4 Survival

One of the best part in playing Fallout 4 in Survival mode is that you'll encounter a lot of legendary enemies along the way that drops legendary weapons and armors. And if you're like me that collects all those legendary stuffs, then I'm pretty damn sure that you have that problem wherein sometimes you'll run out of adhesives to modify those weapons.

Now I know that scavenging is one of the best way to find adhesives but sometimes, it's really a hassle just to go out and look for adhesives in the commonwealth. So, I found this neat little trick on how to have an unlimited supply of adhesives while playing Fallout 4 in Survival mode.

So what you need to do is cook some Vegetable Starch that gives you 5 adhesives each time. It's right under the Utility tab in a cooking station.

Now the ingredients for a Vegetable Starch are the following:
  • Tato
  • Corn
  • Mutfruit
  • Purified Water
So do I need to scavenge for this ingredients all the time? Nope, not at all.

The process below is the exact same process I use to get unlimited supply of adhesives:

For the Purified Water, you need to scavenge bottles in the commonwealth. So in your every journey, try to grab all beer bottles, baby bottles and any other type of bottles so you can refill it in a water pump.

Next is to plant a garden full of tatos, mutfruit and corn in one of your settlement. Below is my mini garden in Red Rocket Station:

Bonus Tip: Be sure that someone is tending your garden. Assign someone is tending your mutfruits, tatos and corns (one settler each plant). If you do this, you don't need to harvest those plants manually and it will directly go into your workbench.

Once done you have enough materials, it's time to craft some Vegetable Starch. Rinse and repeat.