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Blade & Soul: New Continent, Level 55 Cap Increase, New Hongmoon Ultimate Skills

Blade & Soul KR has released a teaser video and preliminary information on the upcoming major updates, including a new continent Sorak, level 55 cap, and new Hongmoon ultimate skills for all classes. These contents are expected to be released on 14th Dec 2016.  The end of the trailer also hints the release of a new gunner class next year.

Hongmoon Ultimate Skills

This new trailer reveals the new ultimate skills for Warlock, Destroyer and Force Master. The previous trailer has already teases the new skills for Blade Master, Assassin and Kungfu Master.

The skill tree of all classes will be simplified and enhanced. The current system is too complicated with many “stages” and “tiers”. After the skill tree revamp, skills can be learned by simply selecting “stage” (no more tier). The total SP will be reduced accordingly since much lesser points are required to learn a specific skill.

Instead of additional SP, “Hongmoon Points” (HMP) will be allocated when you gain higher Hongmoon level. These HMP can be freely allocated anytime into Defensive or Offensive stats.

The level cap will be extended to Level 55 with new Hongmoon Ultimate Skills.

Dungeon Difficulties Changes

Hongmoon training field allows you to fight instance bosses or even 24-man raid bosses for practice and learning purposes.

Currently, the difficulties of a hero instance is separated into 4-man and 6-man mode. After the update, Hero instances will be divided into Normal and Hard mode instead; both caters to 6-man party. The difficulties for normal and hard mode will be differentiated through the stats and skills of the bosses

A new 24-man raid, a solo instance, and 2 new hero instances will be released as well. More details on level 55 cap contents and new Hongmoon Ultimate skills will be posted when they are released in the test server soon.