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Why Monster Hunter Double Cross Should be on Nintendo Switch

With Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS now finally out in the West, Capcom has not only revealed that the game sold over 4.1 million units worldwide but that we also have a new game to look forward to next year.

On the latter, the game is called Monster Hunter Double Cross and looks to build substantially on Generations, which was originally called Cross in Japan.

In a new Monster Hunter Direct video (shown below), we get to see some of the game shown briefly and it’s looking good.

The only obvious thing here is that if Generations sold 4.1 million copies on the 3DS, then why isn’t Double Cross being released on something like the Nintendo Switch instead.

The Monster Hunter games are very solid sellers in Japan as well as across the world and they obviously helped boost the market share of the 3DS as a result.

Surely, a new Monster Game on the Nintendo Switch would be something that would help the new console, especially as the whole premise of Monster Hunter is now built around portability.

To explain, back when Monster Hunter started on the PS2 back in 2004, it was one of the then new online titles for the console. However, it didn’t really sell all that well.

Not until the games moved to the PSP and moved away from online multiplayer to something more local did the Monster Hunter games start to perform better.

In short, the PSP versions of the games allowed friends to play together when they were out. Either on the train or at manga cafes, people could play the game with their friends on the move.

When the Monster Hunter games came to 3DS, they brought their physically mobile fanbase with them, a fanbase numbering in the millions.

While Double Cross is clearly a straight follow up to Generations, using a similar asset base and engine, I understand why it is on the 3DS. However, the 3DS is already an established handheld gaming console.

The Nintendo Switch has a lot to prove and it feels like a missed opportunity that this new Monster Hunter game hasn’t been announced for the upcoming console.

Either way, Monster Hunter Double Cross will likely sell millions on its release for the 3DS next year.