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These are Some of the Earliest Screenshots of World of Warcraft

From its very beginnings, World of Warcraft was a game that held a special place in the heart of many a PC gamer. It’s perhaps the reason why thousands of fans gathered for the closing of vanilla World of Warcraft server Nostralius earlier this year. However, although the earliest forms of the game may seem rustic to some, a set of screenshots of the early parts of the title’s development makes the game look very different.

This week, a set of images from the very early development of World of Warcraft has been circulating around fan communities, and it’s an extremely interesting look at exactly how the game was formed. The in-development project looks a far cry from the online behemoth that it eventually became, with nary a Pandaren in sight. Indeed, one could even be forgiven for thinking that the shots, which were originally released by Blizzard staffer Dave Wilson, were from an entirely different game.

This is perhaps due to World of Warcraft‘s rather strange development period. To begin with, the game actually started out in the Warcraft 3 engine, and this choice for early creation is made all the clearer in some of the screenshots that have surfaced. Those interested in seeing more can check out the gallery below.

Source: Reddit