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The Best Addons for World of Warcraft Legion

This post has two purposes: For players to see which addons are available to them, and to create a decent collection of addons for others to benefit from. I've been playing since Vanilla and have tons of experience with interface issues. I like addons and I want to share what I have learned with you all, so I'll be going over the Essential addons first, followed by a Minimal UI setup - with and without ElvUI. After that, I'll unleash the full package and end it all with a few cool niche addons that have their own specific uses.

Before we get into the addons, I want to bring up Curse. It helps make keeping your addons up to date, as well as finding new addons, sooooo much easier. If you're going to have more than 3 addons, you'll save time and reduce stress by using Curse. Highly recommended.

The Essentials (in ascending order):
  • Bad Boy - Never worry about spam messages again! Also, cleans up trade chat quite a bit.
  • World Quest Tracker - Easily see which world quests are available, as well as many different filters and functions.
  • Auctionator - A simple, lightweight Auction House addon that makes it super simple to Buy and Sell.
  • GTFO - You know that stuff you're standing in? Yeehhh, I'm gonna need you to not stand in it.
  • Kui Nameplates - The best nameplate addon out there, hands down. So smooth and very informative.
  • Server Hop - Allows one to swap between different realms to accomplish a variety of tasks.
  • WeakAuras2 - Paired with custom setups specific to your class/spec, WA2 can tell you exactly what you should be doing, what you shouldn't be doing, or when to do/not do that something.
  • Spy - Simply a must-have for anyone on a PvP server. Spy automatically detects enemy players near you and alerts you to possible incoming PvP.
  • Details! - The newest improvement on Recount/Skada (combat tracker/damage & healing meter) with so many more features. It's the closest one can get to fight logs in-game, with the added bonus of built-in mini-games to play when you get bored in LFR!
  • Postal - Open up all your mail with one button! Also, remembers the names of your characters so you don't have to type them in when mailing stuff to them!
  • WIM - Makes your whispers into seperate Instant Messenger type windows, along with allowing you to see your chat history. Never miss a whisper again!
  • Bagnon - The most functional and easy to use bag addon out there. Combines your bags into one bag and allows you to view your bank remotely, as well as check your alt's banks from your main character!
  • DBM - Hands down the most used addon from PvE content. Helps with warnings, timers, and countdowns in dungeons and raids - basically, it tells you what to do and what not to do. Also has PvP and special plugins available.

These are the fundamental addons that I would recommend everyone get at 110.

Most of these addons have alternatives (which I will list later) but these are my recommended, most reliable choices that I have come across.


All of these groups are put together assuming that you have most, if not all, of the Essential 13. Auctionator, Bagnon, Postal, and WIM are **highly** recommended for Minimal setups. 

Minimal Setup (No ElvUI):
  • Grid - minimal yet functional raid/party Frame
  • UnitFramePlus - small improvements on the default player frames.
  • Prat - change your chat to your liking, as well as set up things like timestamps and class colors.
  • Mapster - fully featured in-game world map.
  • Gnosis - cast bar customizer.
  • TomTom - coordinates and useful navigation tool.
Minimal Setup WITH ElvUI:

The best part of ElvUI is that it replaces all of the default UI along with the addons from the Minimal Setup group. It's easy to use & set up, relatively lightweight, fully customizable, absolutely beautiful, wicked smooth, and enables my OCD hardcore with the amount of fiddling potential contained inside this incredible UI. You can also save a profile and use it across all of your characters, which helps when you have too many alts or you're starting a new character! I personally use ElvUI, alongside all of the addons in the Essential 13 and Full Package groups. I'm a bit of an addon fanatic. :P

For a Minimal Setup using ElvUI, I would recommend using ElvUIobviously, the Essential 13 minus Bagnon, and Leatrix Plus!

Full Package:

-I personally use or have used all of the addons on this list and can vouch for their awesomeness. This is complete list of the addons I would recommend to someone who is looking to improve their UI dramatically.
  • NPCScan - scans the area around you for rare mobs, then alerts you of their presence.
  • _Cursor - super useful addon if you lose your cursor mid-Xavius. Change the apperance of your mouse pointer. Not currently working properly, but should be fixed soon.
  • AutoRepair - Auto-repairs your gear when you talk to a repairing vendor.
  • AutoTurnIn - Auto clicks the accept quest and complete quest buttons, making questing generally faster.
  • AdiBags - bag addon that filters your bags for you. Perfect if you want more control over your bags.
  • Bug Sack - avoid all of those error messages that can pop up mid-fight.
  • Can I Mog It? - tells you if you can learn the appearance of an item for tmog on another character.
  • Collect Me - awesome addon for knowing which mounts, pets, and toys you still need to get and where/how to get them.
  • [DBM Interrupts] - DBM plugin for Interrupt announcements.
  • [DBM SpellTimers] - DBM plugin for spell's timers.
  • [DBM PvP Timers] - DBM plguin for PvP.
  • Dynamic Cam - automatically changes the camera view depending on what you're doing.
  • Examiner - extra info in the inspection tab.
  • Enemy Grid - like 'Grid' but for enemies. Enemies popup in the grid whenever they come into range and can be targeted by clicking on them in the grid.
  • HandyNotes / LegionTreasures - adds the location of treasures to the map.
  • MSBT - the best replacement for the default combat text. Damage, healing, and a ton of other stuff like combat status.
  • [MBB] - Minimap Button Bag. Puts all of your minimap buttons in one place, all neat and tidy.
  • OPie - keybind a wheel of abilities. Super useful. I personally use it for Portals and Toys!
  • Pawn - setup values and easily see if something is an upgrade for you.
  • Personal Loot Helper - lets the party know that something that dropped was an upgrade for someone else when it is tradeable.
  • Premade Group Finder - set keywords to search the Group Finder for and lets you know when a group is created with that keyword, along with much more.
  • SafeQueue - gets rid of the 'Leave Que' button on the que pop for BGs and dungeons, and it keeps ESC from closing the que accidentally.
  • SavedInstances - shows what you're saved to on all of your characters.
  • TSM - simply the best addon for using the AH. Does require a bit of set up but allows you to play the AH much easier after it is set up.
  • Vanas KoS - set up a Kill on Sight list that will alert you when you are near a KoS target, along with allowing you to share your KoS list with others.
  • WhisperInvite - allows you to set keywords that will cause you to auto-invite a friend or guildmate when they whisper you said keyword.

  • [ConsLegion] - hands down the BEST addon for leveling in Legion. Tells you what to do, where to do it, how to get there, and what to do when you're done. Reduced my leveling spped by about 30%!
  • [QuickQuest] - quick quest pickup and turn in.
  • [Storyline] - a more lore-centric approach to questing. Displays a window showing RP, lore, and animations involving the quest you are accepting.
  • [XToLevel] - calculates and displays how long until you level based off of what you are doing.
  • [Battleground Targets] - window for targeting enemies in BGs, along with keeping track of enemy actions. Basically Gladius for BGs.
  • [BG Defender] - adds a bar in BGs to call for help or alert your teammates of things that are happening in the BG. Super nice for calling out incs in AB.
  • [Gladius] - box with enemy nameplates that displays in arenas. Used for targeting and tracking enemy CDs.
  • [AskMrRobot] - used with AskMrRobot.com to optimize your character.
  • [RCLC / BDLC] - Loot Council addons that make loot after boss kills a lot easier. Puts everything you need in one places and allows raiders to tell the council what they need and why.
  • [BigBrother] - raid tracker, tracks things like buffs, flasks, and battle ress.
  • [Exorsus Raid Assist] - TONS of tools for raid leaders and raiders alike. Too much stuff to list here.
  • [Archy] - archeology helper!
  • [BadNomi] - only start one work order at a time, easily, so that you don't get duplicates.
  • [GatherMate2] - displays nodes for mining and herbalism on the world map so that you know where to farm.
  • [Molinari] - a game changer! Alt+clicking on an item will auto-mill/prospect/disenchant an item!
  • [TradeSkillMaster] or TSM - and all of its plugins. It helps with making money on the AH as well as finding good prices on items.
  • [BattlePet Breed ID] - displays the Breed ID of a pet in your collections and in battles.
  • [CollectMe] - shows what mounts, pets, toys, and stuff you have left to collect and where to get them.
  • [Monars Wardrobe Helper] - adds unobtained appearances to your collection.
  • [Mount Farm Helper] - tells you what mount to farm next.
  • [OverAchiever] - many tools for the achievement hunter.
  • [Raid Achievement] - lets you know when you can finish a dungeon or boss and get the achievement.
  • [Dynamic Cam] - changes the camera view on the fly to make the game feel more interactive.
  • [FollowFelankor] - allows others to force you to follow them, also has many QoL things.
  • [IceHud] & [DHUD 7.0] - good for if you like your health bar vertical instead of normal.
  • [Loot Appraiser] - tells you how much what you loot in a session is worth, and how much you've earned in a session.
  • [Peddler] - Alt+clicking an item will cause you to sell it the next time you go to a vendor.
  • [Scrap] - Autosells Junk.
  • [Telemancy] - displays the telemancy beacons in Suramar on your world map.
  • [World Quester]
  • [World Quest Lists]
  • [Skada]
  • [BigWigs]
  • [Recount]
  • [Vuhdo]
  • [Pitbull]
  • [Cross Realm Assist]