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Remaking of Link's Awakening within Ocarina of Time

Link's Awakening is being remade using the Ocarina of Time engine This fan remake aims to completely import Link's Awakening into an Ocarina of Time ROM which will give this game both a new breath of life along with the ability to change the very nature of the way that this game is played. Which is to say that puzzles that were created for a 2D environment may need tweaking in order to be compatible with a 3D environment.

Changing the way the game is played may also change the way the game is interpreted as since this is being taken to a 3D environment may mean that some of this work will be up to artistic licencing which may mean that the original story may not come out in the same way as originally intended due to hidden meanings and the like. However simply watching the trailer makes this look very impressive, the fact that everything that we've seen so far, which isn't a lot, looks to stay true to the original is very promising. With what appears to be the Catfish's Maw being shown in the trailer may also suggest that this project is very close to being finished.

This will be releasing solely as a patch to the Ocarina of Time ROM.

What do you all think of this? Will you be downloading this when it gets finished? Personally, I can't wait for this and will most certainly be keeping an eye on this project from now on, we'll also keep you up to date as to when this project releases.