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New Plants Will be Added on League of Legends

Every season of League of Legends usually comes with some changes. This time though, it's something huge.

Riot believes that there are "too few sources on the map for tactical depth," so they've added some.

​​Here's a plant that will provide vision for both the dragon and Baron pit when struck.

Got a Karthus ult headed your way? Walk down the river and grab some Honeyfruit! This will probably be the most impactful of the plants, because not only does it help a jungler stay in the jungler, it can give you an incredible advantage when you're already ahead in lane. 

The team who controls the lane will control the Honeyfruit.

If I was a Ziggs main, I'd be a little salty, because now everybody has the utility of a satchel, but only in two spots. This plant will be nice for both invading and escaping. Stealing Raptors? Grab a couple and then use the Blast Cone to get away!

These plants are going to make League of Legends a completely different game, and it's one we're excited for.