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Many Speculates That Sombra Will Get to See Sombra on Nov. 1, Here's Why

In the latest news regarding Blizzard’s controversial ARG, it looks like the next big announcement regarding Sombra is set to come out this November 1. Overwatch Sombra Reddit members seem to have decrypted the code.

Update on the Overwatch Sombra ARG

For those out of the loop, the last big discovery regarding the Sombra ARG occurred last week when a live patch to the Overwatch game gave the character Bastion a new voice line that triggered the Dorado map. It turns out the voice line is binary morse code and when decoded leads to the website for a fake company that exists within Overwatch’s lore.

Redditors discovered a message written in Spanish, seemingly from Sombra herself, who is aiming to take down the president of the company. From there, they discovered a long series of letters and messages within the website’s structure, all documented in this reddit post by user bahamas10_. In the end, the chain of events concludes with another message basically telling everyone to wait a week.

Overwatch Sombra Reddit Reveal

Well, a week has passed and what have we learned? Quite a bit actually. From this reddit post by user Ch4rles_, they found that some text on the website has changed. The link lumerico.mx/omnics.txt leads to a series of Mayan text which translates to days on the Mayan calendar. They then converted the days to Mayan numbers and then to morse code. When they translated the morse code, it simply said the phrase EXECUTEATTACK.

They then tried searching for how the phrase would fit into the website’s structure and discovered the page lumerico.mx/EXECUTEATTACK/index.html which has a message written in Spanish. The text contained a message from Sombra saying that “we will take over his 11/1 event”, referring to the previously mentioned president.

Remember, Remember the First of November

There lies some significance with regards to the speculated November 1 date. As pointed out by reddit user Victorbl, November 1 marks exactly 23 weeks after Overwatch’s release date and if Sombra is announced, she is set to be the 23rd character in the game. He also points out that November 1 is Dia de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead, a very important Mexican holiday and much evidence points towards Sombra herself being Mexican.

On a more meta perspective, Blizzcon 2016 is on November 4 – 5, so if there was ever a time for Blizzard to tease Sombra even more – it would be now.