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How to Obtain Every New Mounts in World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft’s huge player base includes a variety of people who come to the game for different reasons, but if there’s any single activity that brings folks together, it’s hunting down and showing off cool-as-hell rideable mounts. The launch of the latest expansion, Legion, means there’s a whole bunch of new mounts that have been added to the game’s already massive list.

If you’re looking for help finding these new creatures and vehicles, the latest video from YouTuber BellularGaming should help. In the video (embedded below), he runs down the full list of every mount and provides info on how to add them to your personal collection.

Legion mounts include some really cool, unique additions such as a fox and a big, creepy spider. A few of them require some slightly complicated methods to unlock, however — in those cases, BellularGaming provides links in the description of his video. Be sure to check them out.

One of these new mounts, the Fathom Dweller, is dropped by a rare world boss named Kosumoth the Hungering. You can read more of the incredible details on how dedicated World of Warcraft players found Kosumoth here.