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How to Find All Nest Locations in Pokemon GO After Nests Migration

People within the vicinity of Pokemon Go Nest often find a significant amount of similar Pokemon. These nests will reliably produce a certain type of Pokemon every visit of the player. Also, these nests exist in real world location all over the world.


However, nests do not always stay the same. For instance, a migration will change the current Pokemon produced by the said nest. These migrations although it doesn’t always happen, can ruin a player’s farming site.

On October 6th, a Pokemon Go Nest migration happened. In addition, it also happened week ago. The Pokemon produced by the nests will be different depending on the player’s location.

Whenever a migration happens, some nests stay the same. This time, most of the players around the world reported their personal experiences with the migration. Using the data compiled below via Reddit, players can now identify which Pokemon Nest changed.

  • Voltorb to Omanyte
  • Voltorb to Clefairy
  • Tentacool to Venonat
  • Staryu to Doduo
  • Slowpoke to Electabuzz
  • Shellder to Machop
  • Shellder to Goldeen
  • Seel to Staryu
  • Scyther to Staryu
  • Scyther to Pinsir
  • Scyther to Exeggcute
  • Sandshrew to Onix
  • Rhyhorn to Mankey
  • Psyduck to Doduo
  • Ponyta to Ekans
  • Ponyta to Charmander
  • Pinsir to Onix
  • Pinsir to Horsea
  • Pikachu to Vulpix
  • Pikachu to Machop
  • Pikachu to Krabby
  • Onix to Clefairy
  • Onix to Charmander
  • Oddish to Psyduck
  • Nidoran Female to Gastly
  • Meowth to Weedle
  • Mankey to Rhyhorn
  • Magnemite to Horsea
  • Magnemite to Abra
  • Magmar to Vulpix
  • Magmar to Seel
  • Magmar to Ponyta
  • Magmar to Poliwag
  • Magikarp to Charmander
  • Machop to Electabuzz
  • Krabby to Goldeen
  • Kabuto to Magma
  • Kabuto to Geodude
  • Kabuto to Diglett
  • Jynx to Kabuto
  • Jigglypuff to Voltorb
  • Jigglypuff to Ryhorn
  • Growlithe to Eevee
  • Growlithe to Charmander
  • Geodude to Drowzee
  • Electabuzz to Seel
  • Electabuzz to Growlithe
  • Clefairy to Diglett
  • Charmander to Ryhorn
  • Charmander to Pinsir
  • Charmander to Mankey
  • Charmander to Kabuto
  • Bulbasaur to Onix
  • Bulbasaur to Magikarp
  • Bulbasaur to Psyduck
  • Abra to Nidoran and Poliwag
  • Abra to Diglett
There is no confirmation about the next migration. However, Pokemon Go Nest might be changed every week now, keep tuned. Also, below is a great video by TrainerTips that will help you out on finding all those nest locations in your area.

Credits: Video guide by TrainerTips