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How to Beat Aksis Without Using a Gun (Destiny: Rise of Iron)

You filthy, filthy Warlocks. This run consisted of 6 Warlocks spamming fusion grenades on each teleport. No enemies were ever harmed with any Guardian weapons; this includes adds and Aksis. The cannons were ONLY used to kill the servitors, because the fight mechanics require this. You cannot destroy a servitor without its respective cannon. The cannons never did any damage to any enemies or Aksis. We just left them on the ground. Damage to everything was entirely done with melees and grenades.

Strategy Breakdown:

2 Warlocks go to each side and middle. You spawn trap the shanks with melees. When the captains emerge, each player throws 2 fusion grenades and melees them. You designate an empowered person to each side, while simultaneously destroying the servitors and throwing the charges. 

The catch is: 

Each empowered person must stand near the red plates that glow during the previous checkpoint, and this one. The same plates that "eat" the servitors. When Aksis teleports, the designated Guardian will proceed to jump over his back and slam. While this is happening, the other 2 players B-Line to their plates and slam the empowerment into the plate, if it glows red. Only 1 of the other 2 non-Aksis-side plates will glow. This gives the entire fireteam a super. All 6 Warlocks then activate radiance and spam fusion grenades. We had 3 players run Song of Flame, and 3 run Self-Res.

While spamming grenades during first teleport, you reassign the empowered people to left, middle, and right again. Like before, if Aksis didn't teleport to you, you had to sprint to your plate and slam if available. This enabled us to have 6 active radiances on EACH teleport. On teleport 3, we all met next to Aksis and utilized Song of Flame together. Rinse and Repeat.

For Final Stand:

When his health was nearing final stand, we only had the 3 non-Song of Flame guardians activate supers each teleport. These players took him to final stand. Then the 3 Song of Flame players activated supers, and everyone met in the middle. The reduced cooldowns allowed all players to kill him in final stand.

Source: Sean Gallagher (Youtube)