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How Carol Might Play a Big Part in The Walking Dead Season 7

Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

After a somewhat controversial finale back in April, The Walking Dead premiered its heavily anticipated Season 7 opener this week and it was completely and utterly shocking. With the horrifying deaths of two beloved characters, the episode was full of shocking moments and some gruesome scenes. Although the episode was criticised by some for its heavy violence, it's clear that there was a purpose for this — to demonstrate to the viewer just how ruthless Negan is. Season 7 is off to a great start and the group are now under Negan's control.

Check out a terrifying clip from the Season 7 Premiere:

However, it is worth noting that Carol is not with the rest of the group — she departed from Alexandria to be on her own and Morgan caught up with her to bring her home. The two will be seen in upcoming episodes as they arrive at the Kingdom. With nowhere to go for the group at Alexandria, it's becoming more evident that they will need help to take Negan down — Carol will be the one to rescue the gang from Negan and perhaps even end his tyrannical reign.

She's The Only Person Who Could Pull It Off

Carol's journey on the show, from Sophia's death to her friendship with Daryl, has morphed her into a strong character. Carol loves Rick and the gang — she has said on many occasions that they are her family. With her family currently being threatened, she will have no choice but to return home and help in any way that she can. Perhaps she will swing into action an attempt to take back Alexandria.

As she is currently separated from the group she is free from Negan's control. If she were to return to Alexandria then she would be able to find out what is going on and help the team get out of this terrible situation that they find themselves in. Moreover, Carol and Morgan will arrive at the Kingdom soon and although we know very little about the place or its inhabitants, I'm pretty sure they won't be too keen on Negan either.

She Has No Issue With Killing People

She may have been having a bit of a crisis lately with her the amount of kills that she has made since the apocalypse began, but at the end of the day Carol has killed many people with the intention to keep her friends save. Back in Season 4, she murdered two of the prison inhabitants — Karen and David — who were suffering from a contagious illness and she did this to protect her family from catching the disease. It may sound tough, but it proved to be effective as many of the prison group are still alive today because of this decision.

Once Carol finds out that Negan murdered Glenn and Abraham in such a horrifying fashion, I don't think she'll stand idly by and let him take control of the Alexandria settlement or the people in it.

She's Great at Playing the Act

Carol has had one of the most extraordinary journeys I've ever seen as she evolved from a mousy oppressed woman into the most badass bitch on primetime #TV. However, the most remarkable thing about her is that she is excellent at putting on an act for the outsiders.

Although she has become one hardened badass of a character, she occasionally dips into her previous experience as a housewife, pretending that she fantasizes all day about baking cookies when really she is plotting her murderous revenge against her betrayers. With this in mind, Carol would be the perfect character to intercept Negan's playground, rescue Daryl and escape before anyone would even noticed they'd gone. Carol plays the act wonderful, she literally kills them with kindness.

Terminus Anyone?

The main reason that Carol will come to the rescue is because we've seen it happen many times before. For example, all hope was lost for Rick and the group when they encountered the folks of Terminus way back in Season 4. It looked like they were all going to be executed but not before the awesome Carol came to the rescue. In one of the greatest moments ever seen on The Walking Dead, Carol blew up the entire Terminus location and then came to the rescue of the gang.

Let's not forget that Rick had banished her at this point for killing Karen and David, meaning that she was separated from the group then too. I could easily see a similar situation occurring in the current season — albeit after she recovers from her injuries at The Kingdom. Whether she makes friends with anyone that is willing to help her, there is no doubt that Carol will not willingly accept Negan as her master. The Saviors had better watch out — once Carol arrives, all hell is going to break loose!

Check out preview for the next episode of The Walking Dead:

If #TheWalkingDeadSeason7 premiere taught us anything it's that Rick and the group now belong to Negan and that's not going to change any time soon. If they are ever to escape the tyrant's control then our heroes will likely need help from someone on the outside. There is only one person capable of getting them out of this impossible situation and that is none other than Carol Peletier. Quite frankly, Negan should be shaking in his boots — he'd better start looking at the flowers real soon.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. Do you think Carol will be the one to take Negan down? Tell me in the comment section below.