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Destiny: Rise of Iron Festival of the Lost Event Plus New Awesome Ghost Leaked

It was never really a question whether or not Bungie would be bringing back the cheeky Festival of the Lost Halloween event in Destiny this year, but we’re coming awful close to the actual day with no official announcement. Luckily, nothing can stay secret for long. Destiny group the Ishtar Collective has rounded up some of the new masks and items coming our way and posted them on reddit. Minor spoilers ahead if you want to just see this stuff when it comes out. Considering this week’s reset came without any mention of the Festival, one assumes that it will arrive next week, Oct. 25.

By far the most exciting item in the bunch has got to be the Deviled Ghost, which, you guessed it, has tiny little devil horns. It’s not as good as a Ghost skin that’s just a sheet with two eye holes, but we can keep dreaming. The Ghost shell is also likely to be one of the only leveled items in the bunch, as last year none of the masks came with any usable light levels and I’m not sure how much Bungie wants everyone to keep running around with the things anyways. 

We’ve got a few new masks in here as well, such as raid boss Aksis, Lord Saladin, a pyramid of SIVA and some others. New emotes are “howl” and “terrify,” and there’s a spooky glowing sparrow that’s sure to be seen zipping around for a few weeks. 

You can check out the reddit post for a complete list of stuff coming our way, but my favorite might just be the “ascendant raisins:” an upgraded fruit for anyone who’s still holding onto the tiny raisins from last year. Unclear what they’ll actually do, but cheeky nonetheless.

I’m a fan of the Festival of the Lost. Rise of Iron fell a little bit victim to over-seriousness, but Destiny is at it’s best when it’s a little bit sillier. It’s difficult to keep any online game as serious as a single player game, and so we need these little touches that remind everyone the developer knows what’s going on here. Timed events also lend to the air of a persistent world, strange though it may be. My big question is whether or not they’ll be many actual means of progression inside the Festival. We’ll find out soon.

You can check out the detailed video of Arekkz Gaming below about this new ghost and the festival of the lost event for Destiny this 2016.