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This Incense Trick Still Works After the Buddy Update in Pokemon GO

This Incense Trick Still Works After the Buddy Update in Pokemon GO
Have you heard about the Incense trick in Pokemon GO which basically gives you more rare Pokemon sightings? If you have, then I'm pleased to inform you that the trick is still working and in fact, it gave me more rare Pokemon sightings after the buddy update!

For those who are wondering about this incense trick, then let me enlighten you a bit or, for those who already forgot how to do it, then let's do a little recap.

The Incense trick

So basically, the key to capturing rarer "Pokemon" on "Pokemon Go" is to use incense in remote areas where there no other "Pokemon" around. Incense can be used to draw "Pokemon" near players, where there seems to be none. When players use incense in an area filled with plenty of common "Pokemon", they will attract more of the exact same species.

To properly execute the method, "Pokemon Go" players must first clear their "Nearby" list. One can do so by simply restarting the game. After clearing the list, players must find a place that is not commonly frequented by other players of "Pokemon Go". If a player ventures far enough, there will be no more "Pokemon" that will show up on the in-game radar. This is the perfect opportunity to use the incense according to Sionarra. He writes "Far away from anything and the in game pokemon radar was total blank. Popped an incense while laying in the sun and boom, a Vulpix arrived." adding, "And then some Pokemons I have never seen before in the wild here in Sweden (Ponyta, Diglets and even two Dragonairs)".

A bonus tip for the incense method is that "Pokemon Go" players must keep in motion for the rare "Pokemon" to appear faster. Also, as much as possible, try to stay away from places where "Pokemon" can be usually found.

If you want a clearer explanation, then go check out the video below by TrainerTips:

And now for the proof that this trick is still working after the buddy update. Below are a couple of screenshots from my Pokemon GO hunting last Wednesday night.

So go ahead and try it guys!