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These Deleted Scenes Might Have Made the Warcraft Movie Better

These Deleted Scenes Might Have Made the Warcraft Movie a Blockbuster
As we all know, both the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the Warcraft Movie will feature deleted scenes, a gag reel, an origin story, a feature on Warcraft's fandom, and a look at the visual effects and facial capture technology.

But before the disc version of the movie is release, it appears that some deleted scenes have already been leaked on the internet and man, a few of them are really good that I did scratched my head and thought that why on earth did they not include this in the movie. I mean, these scenes could have made a big impact to the overall story and possibly could skyrocketed the film to blockbuster material.

Let’s be honest, Warcraft was probably hard to get into if you haven’t been a game manual-thumping fan over the last 20 years like me. There’s a lot going on, and certain plot twists seem like they come from out of left field when they’re condensed to a movie instead of a game that unfolds over dozens of hours. And I really think that these deleted scenes could have made a difference.

One of my favorite deleted scenes is when the Orcs discussed about Fel Magic. 

It’s a pretty simple clip, but these are the sort of scenes that would have given the later action sequences their weight. Knowing why some members of the Orcs willingly gave themselves over to corruption in exchange for greater power would go a long way towards setting up the final conflict between Durotan and Gul’dan. 

Jones in May said that his original director’s cut of the film featured an additional forty minutes; since it’s probably safe to assume that most of the fight scenes made their way into the final edit of the film, Jones was likely forced to cut out all the quiet moments of development and dialogue like this one. You know, just the scenes that make any of the action scenes matter (and that moment when Orgrim said "But, you're green". Now that was epic!). No big deal.

Another good take was when Queen Taria and King Llane talks in the palace Balcony. For newcomers to the series, the Queen of Azeroth doesn’t really exist in the games, but Taria (Ruth Negga) still holds her own as the rock keeping Dominic Cooper’s King Llane focused on the task at hand. She’s a warm presence in a movie full of relatively stilted, cold performances (on the human side). 

In this deleted scene (see video below at , which will be available on the home video release September 27, we see Taria’s moments after visiting Garona in the dungeon, telling her husband and king that she accomplished her mission of getting the half-orc on the side of the humans.

The scene is short, but has its fan service: the throne room looks nearly identical to the games:

Unfortunately, Warcraft nerds will know that this display of the throne rooms makes little sense, considering what’s about to happen to poor Azeroth/Stormwind (at the end of Warcraft 1 the game and potentially the end of Warcraft 2 the movie). Hopefully the rumored sequel happens and we all get to bask in Warcraft‘s orc versus humans glory at least one more time. Or at least three or four more times. We need Arthas on the big screen by the way.

Now those are just a few deleted scenes. If you want to take a look at the rest, then go watch the video below and I’ll just let you decide whether or not you agree with me that Legendary Studios and Duncan Jones should have added them to the film.