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Monster Hunter Stories Will Include Characters From Legend of Zelda

Monster Hunter Stories Will Include Characters From Legend of Zelda
In a similar way to how Monster Hunter Generations received all manner of crossover content, the upcoming role-playing game focused Monster Hunter Stories will feature a similar collaboration with The Legend of Zelda.

In a new trailer (shown below), we see that both the main character and the Felyne sidekick will receive Zelda themed clothes and weapons. With the player getting Link’s green tunic and hat as well as the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

The Felyne seems to take on the role of the Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask and is also adorned with the mask in question. Following on from that Majora’s Mask theme, the player’s paired “monster” in this case will be the much-loved Epona.

The trailer then goes on to show that the player can still switch genders, as they normally would, with these Zelda themed items.

Compared to prior Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter Stories is more of a turn based role-playing game rather than the full-on action setup seen in the mainline series.

In addition, with the cuter tone and greater emphasis on narrative, it is clear that Capcom’s intent with this game is to entice an all-new and younger generation of players to the Monster Hunter series.

Like with big and complex franchises such as Dragon Quest, Monster Hunter suffers in a similar way as the fanbase grows up with these games. Resulting in increasingly complex and intricate games that require prior familiarity with earlier releases in order to understand and appreciate the new versions.

This is why we see games like Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Builders are released, as they help bring newer players into the huge world of Dragon Quest. In that sense, Capcom is taking a shrewd leaf out of Square Enix’s book and applying a similar approach to Monster Hunter.

This Zelda crossover is also a smart one as well and is likely facilitated by the fact that Monster Hunter Stories is a 3DS exclusive.

Monster Hunter Stories is released exclusively for the 3DS on October 8th in Japan. Currently, there is no word of a Western release.