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It Looks Like Clefairy Can Help You Catch a Dragonite in Pokemon GO

It Looks Like Clefairy Can Help You Catch Your First Dragonite in Pokemon GO
Without a doubt, Dragonite is one of the most famous Pokemon that trainers would want to have in their deck in Pokemon GO right now. The problem is, there’s little chance that you can catch a Dragonite due to its rarity and, if we consider the fact that Niantic is always re-shuffling the nests spawns of Pokemon, we can say that Dragonite is really a tough catch! But, did you know that there’s a way to locate a Dragonite fast. How? Here’s how.

Reddit user Sowok, on the other hand, has used more than 6 million spawns as data to find out where Dragonite has been spawning till now. In his post, he used different maps and images to show the habitats of Dragonite.

Sowok have been scanning his city for over a month and have collected 6 million spawns. And his data revealed a pretty interesting fact which you can see below.

Here’s a heatmap of where Dragonite have spawned in my area:

And here's the Clefairy spawn point. Interesting isn't it? Dragonite and Clefairy spawn points are exactly the same!

In addition, he  also scanned every spot on a map wherein a Jigglypuff, who while a little more rare than Clefairy (1:2) spawns pretty evenly over his scan area (see the image below). Using the Jigglypuff map you can see where Dragonite spawn and where they don’t. A clear habitat. But is it a biome? What do all of these Dragonite areas have in common?


He also circled in blue the areas that are part of the Dragonite habitat. They are all at increased elevation. In red you can see areas that he did not scan, so do not show on the dragonite heatmap despite being higher elevation (you can reference the jigglypuff heatmap to see exactly what areas are not scanned).

So, a clear biome: Hills (or Mountain?) and two species that spawn more frequently there: Clefairy, Dragonite.

This is all what he had uncovered so far and in fact, this analysis was confirmed all across the US by some trainers who posted several reddit threads about this clefairy/dragonite spawn spot.

Image by Cryomancer

Image by Barbaric_Emu
Another interesting fact about this Dragonite/Clefairy spawn analysis is that it may be applicable to other Pokemon. Some trainers claimed that Dratini also spawns regularly in Magikarp habitats. Reddit user kiltedtwizzles verified that Dratini spawns about once every 15-20 karp in his area.

This data can really prove inexpensive for trainers looking to catch their very own Dragonite in Pokemon Go. Now go out and try it guys!