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Everything You Need to Know About Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan

Everything You Need to Know About Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan
First up, here's the major patch inclusions we know about, most of which are detailed in the trailer above:
  • New five-man 'mega'-dungeon, Karazhan, a reimagining of one of the game's most popular raids.
  • The Trial of Valor, a three-boss raid against Odyn, Guarm and Helya that finishes the storyline of Stormheim.
  • Suramar expansion including new world quests and the continuation of the storyline in a nine-week-long chain.
And now, details.

WoW Patch 7.1 PTR and release date

Most importantly, when will we get to play it? Well release is scheduled for before the end of the year and given Blizzard's previous with that timing, it probably means they're aiming for the week after BlizzCon. Of course, it'll be done when it's done and as far as getting our hands on testing it, PTR should be publically available very shortly.

WoW Patch 7.1 balance changes

No details on these yet, but it wouldn't be a large patch without balance fixes. While some changes have been datamined, these are tooltip fixes to spells that have already been altered in previous patches since Legion's launch. Chances are these won't be added in to the build until a later date, after 

WoW Patch 7.1 Karazhan dungeon

Karazhan is returning in patch 7.1 and it's getting a bit of a revamp.
  • Now a five-player dungeon, still with nine bosses and a massive, sprawling layout.
  • It's designed to be a little harder than the mythic difficulty currently in the game and has a weekly lockout - it's basically a five-man raid with equivelently "generous" gear rewards. 
  • To get in you'll need to complete an attunement questline with Khadgar that operates as a sequel to the pre-quests we undertook before Legion launched.
  • Doesn't replace old Karazhan, with a new entrance seen above.
Karazhan attunement quest

Before you make your way inside, you'll need to open up the dungeon for access. This is done via a quest chain in Deadwind Pass. This has also meant changes to the area around Karazhan. Once you can get inside, there are also various quests to kill bosses and collect items.

Karazhan dungeon bosses

While only eight bosses are listed here - with the Opera being one of the three encounters each time you try it - Blizzard did say there would be more. The chess event, Kara's most famous 'boss', is missing and is likely to make a return, as are other, possibly optional or secret bosses.

Maiden of Virtue

Karazhan's first boss is a Titan Watcher that's none too pleased about all the partying that's been going on here. She's going to uncorrupt you with cleansing light and holy force.
  • Will stun the whole group at one point, broken by damage, meaning you actually have to stand in the fire.
  • This leads into a heavy DPS phase to get through her shield so you can stop her before she, y'know, kills you all.
  • Requires interrupting throughout to stop the tank dying.
Opera Hall

There's three options here, which will be randomly selected each week.


A story of the Hozen and whether evil is born or bred.
  • Two opponenets with shared damage, both of which must be defeated.
  • Lots of stuff to not stand in, with avoidance not always involving simple movement.
  • Also adds. So many adds. Kill them, obv.
Westfall Story

Definitely-not-Westside-Story returns as a three-stage fight against those who would pull apart two star-struck lovers. One of them is a Murloc. Yeah.
  • Loads of adds to stop at the start and narrow it down to just the pair of bosses.
  • Chaotic, as allies should be avoided when certain debuffs are placed.
  • Moves between areas, making things even more hectic.
Beautiful Beast

Try to win love for the transformed monster that is Brute by fighting off his paramour's guards.
  • A whole batch of powerful enemies all at once. As they're defeated, the others are healed and buffed. Take them down one at a time, and kill the most dangerous first.
  • They're all pieces of furniture, by the way. One is a broom. Yeah.
  • Fight will get less chaotic but more hardcore as it continues and servants are taken out.
Attumen The Huntsman

Mounted rider and all-around deadly force. Oh, he's got a mount drop too.
  • Switches between mounted and un-mounted forms as the fight progresses.
  • Midnight, his mighty steed, will go solo when her health gets low, letting you damage Attumen directly.
  • Each phase has its own mechanics, and is particularly deadly to tanks not on their game. 

The steward of Karazhan is hosting a dinner party and you're rudely interrupting.
  • Starts with a number of high-power adds that must be crowd controlled and killed before Moroes makes them immune.
  • These guests all have their own set of powers, but there are long crowd control affects available in the room to separate them.
  • Will pick random targets to garrotte, giving them a stacking debuff that constantly sucks health.
The Curator

The buggy, erratic protector of Karazhan's menagerie of magical animals.
  • Will cast spells on the party rapidly to begin with, burning through mana.
  • After this enters a stunned state while regenerating, taking 100% increased damage. Probably hit him then, eh?
  • Will do steadily more damage as the fight continues, meaning timing cooldowns for the damage phase is important.
Shade of Medivh

Magical echoes of the last Guardian of Azeroth, this one in particular from a time when he was not himself.
  • Casts spells to gain mana, finishing with a very powerful ability that requires coordination to overcome.
  • Move on Blizzard, don't move on Flame Wreath, kill adds if they appear - there's a lot of stuff to keep in mind.

  • WIll move through this cycle until he's taken out. Not a lot to tank, plenty to kill.
Mana Devourer

A simple, harmless mana wyrm. Obviously not, given it's here.
  • Constantly releases mana that must be collected, used and then disposed of in sequence before it kills you.
  • If the Mana Devourer grabs mana itself that is Bad.
  • Will just kill you if it grabs too much mana. Don't let that happen.
Viz'aduum the Watcher

The final boss and agent of the Legion sent to capture Karazhan.
  • Three stages set across various Legion command ships. He'll use them to attack you.
  • Has plenty of his own abilities to throw at you too.
  • Generally, there's a lot of fire being rained down to not stand in.
Karazhan loot

Karazhan gear drops are 855 ilevel, with the usual titanforge, socketing and tertiary stat possibilities. There is also a set of chest pieces that enhance the trinkets the drop from the raid. The chest pieces are ilevel 875, but the exact bonuses they give to the trinkets isn't yet known.

WoW Patch 7.1 Trial of Valor raid

New patch, new raid. Trial of Valor is on the smaller side, with just three bosses, and is meant to sit between the Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold raids as far as progression is concerned.

Trial of Valor bosses


  • Much like the Halls of Valor dungeon, Odyn challenges us to see if we're worthy of taking on his tasks. This time, he doesn't give up until 10%. He also has Hymdall and Hyrja with him that must be beaten first, simultaneously.
  • Phase one is buffed up versions of two Halls of Valor bosses, while the rest of the fight is a massively powerful version of Odyn.
  • Odyn has two phases of his own, and can get real nasty. Lots of group damage and tank-switching. Obviously, we're not giving full strategy guides here, but check the in-game journal.

  • Helya's three-headed hell-hound who beat us up in the Helheim storyline quests. We're back to finish him off and while he's just one hydra-dog, he has three breath attacks alone.
  • Requires multiple tanks at all times to handle the heads. His breath attacks each apply different debuffs, and getting two different ones is, you guessed it, the end of your life.
  • There's no second phase, but healers are going to run out of mana from the massive amount of area damage eventually.

  • A final showdown with the lord of the underworld after her brief appearance on a boat in Maw of Souls. Starts the fight just off shore, eventually retreats and orders her army to attack you.
  • This fight is add central. From tentacles to the entire army of hell, Helya herself is barely the main threat from 65% onwards.
  • There's going to come a point where just getting her dead is more important than trying to control the flurry of enemies. Have someone ready to make that call.
Trial of Valor loot

ilevels for Trial of Valor are as follows:
  • Raid Finder: 835+
  • Normal: 855+
  • Heroic: 865+
  • Mythic: 880+
These scale all the way up to 930 via Titanforging.

Trial of Valor quests

There won't be an attunement for Trial of Valor. However, there is a small chain added in the patch that unlock more world quests as part of Helya's invasion.

WoW Patch 7.1 world quests

There's a batch of new world quests coming in 7.1, in three main areas.

Patch 7.1 Suramar world quests

Suramar's getting its own mini-expansion in patch 7.1, including new storylines and world quests, likely finishing off the Good Suramaritan achievement. Here's what we know so far:

  • There will be a weekly campaign, currently estimated at nine weeks, with new quests each go round. They culminate with the opening of the Nighthold raid.
  • In these we go after the Nightborne who are feeding power to Gul'dan, taking the offensive to Suramar city.
Not a tonne of specifics on this yet, but expect more information as the PTR goes on. In the run-up, make sure you've got as much Nightfallen reputation as possible. This speeds up significantly once you've completed the Suramar storyline to unlock further world quests, which then give you rep to unlock more quests, starting the loop.

The push to honoured and then the push from there to the next quest unlock at around 7,000 rep are the stopping points. Doing all your Suramar world quests every day, plus mastering the withered mini-game and using the Darkmoon Faire reputation buffs is highly recommended. Chances are, there will be some form of catch-up in 7.1 for those with less time, that fell behind or new level 110s.

Patch 7.1 Falcosaur world quests

Cooking and First Aid focused quests on the shores of the Broken Isles, which are under attack from Falcosaurs. You stop them, then take care of one of your own, eventually giving you a mount. The quests also drop eggs which can be traded in with The Wardens to receive new patterns for those professions.

Patch 7.1 Helya invasion world quests

As mentioned above, after a short introductory section, Helya's armies will begin to invade in full force. This will require you to go out there and stop them for various rewards.

WoW Patch 7.1 mounts

New mounts are being added from various sources. Here's pictures of each:

Karazhan Midnight Mount

Nighthold Mana Sabre Mount

Aviana's Ivory Hawkstrider Mount

Karazhan Smoldering Ember Wyrm Mount

Darkwater Skate Mount

WoW patch 7.1 Battle Pets

There's a whole heap of new Battle Pet quests in 7.1 which send you back to Wrath of the Lich King raids for new pets with new abilities and an achievement, Raiding with Leashes IV. Once that's unlocked, it gives you a quest to challenge Algalon, the secret final boss of Ulduar, to pet battles. Beat him, you get a celestial bunny.

WoW patch 7.1 Diablo Anniversary

It's the 20th anniversary of Diablo this year, which is being celebrated in-game with some new items. They are:

  • Scrolls and Tomes of Town Portal - replacements for Hearthstones. Ten of the former can be combined with a Blank Diabolic Tome to create a toy that does the same job.
  • Twelve-String Guitar - a toy that plays the New Tristram theme.

  • Horadric Stachel - a 28-slot bag.
  • Stone of Jordan - use currently unknown. Possibly a currency for the other items.
WoW patch 7.1 Blood of Sargaras vendor

A new vendor has been added that sells various crafting materials and other generic items for Blood of Sargeras. This includes all of Legion's common mats, plus order hall resources, cooking items and fish. Her name is Illnea Bloodthorn and she is in Dalaran.

That's all guys!