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Dragon Nest New Class Called "Arch Heretic" Revealed (Skill & Details Inside)

Dragon Nest New Class Called "Arch Heretic" Revealed (Skill & Details Inside)

A new spin-off class for Cleric has been released in Dragon Nest KR: Arch Heretic, the dark version of cleric. Similar to Dark Avenger, Arch Heretic belongs to the dark side of the spin-off classes.

The official introduction for Arch Heretic is as follows:

  • a heretic who has a different faith (from cleric)
  • wield an extendable whip sword (and shield)
  • mid-range combat with melee weapons
  • high mobility, action combat with charging and evasion
  • arch heretic
  • main stats is STR and Phy Attack, Dark elemental.

Skills are listed from top to bottom; then left to right.


Swing your weapon horizontally and sweep it upwards to send your target airborne. After casting this skill, hold normal attack to use Carnage continuously. Generate 1 [Nightmare Power] on hit.
CD 10 sec
Lv21: 1732%

Evil Hand
Jump up and summon hands of darkness to attack enemies, before throwing the targets towards the ground and inducing a dark column. Reduce 20% elemental resist of enemies for 10 sec.
CD 14 sec
Lv20: 4168%

Attack frontal enemies by swinging your weapons on the spot.  Hold Normal Attack to attack continuously; each additional attack generate 2 [Nightmare Power] on hit. Press arrow key while casting to trigger dashing or Quick Dash.  Gain 1 [Nightmare Power] on hit.
CD 1 sec; CD can be charged up to 1 time.
Lv18: 1355%, additional hit 1355%

Savage Attack
Temporarily switch to “Attack Designation Mode” to summon dark lightning on specific locations, which can be controlled by mouse movement. Press normal attack to summon dark lightning towards the designated location. Max 18m range.
CD 25 sec
Lv17: 4974%

Swing your weapon furiously to create X-shaped fissure on the ground and damage enemies. Reduce the movement speed of enemies within the AOE by 30% for 3 sec. Consume 30 [Nightmare Power].
CD 5 sec
Lv 15: 5113%

Death Gate
Temporarily change to Arch Heretic. Jump up, summon Dark Spears from dimension gate, and launch them towards the ground. The 1st 4 hits can be charge up for 150% more damage. Press normal attack to launch the Dark Spears quickly without charging. After the 1st 4 hits, summon multiple dimension gates and launch a barrage of dark spears.
CD 125 sec
Lv3: 1st 4 spears: 4850% each; final barrage 12125%

Soul Steal
Absorb the soul of surrounding enemies, dealing damage and recovery own HP.
CD 12sec
Lv14: 1099%; convert 9% of damage to HP, max HP recovery 165000.

Evil Stain
Increase STR based on the number of [Nightmare Power]
Lv1: increase 0.5% STR for each [Nightmare Power]

Brutal Soul
Gather dark energy to increase own dark elemental attack. Press normal attack to cast Pain to Gain continuously.
CD 10 sec
Lv1: Dark elemental attack +40%, duration 180 sec

Pain to Gain
Sacrifice 5% HP to generate 30 [Nightmare Power]. When your HP is below 5%, casting it will not cause you to die.
CD 30 sec

Land Corruption
Generate Corrupted Zone on the ground for  8sec. Enemies receive continuous damage within the AoE. When you hit enemies within the zone, recover HP and increase 30% action speed.
CD 25sec
Lv9: damage 1800%; recover 1800 HP (CD 0.1 sec)


Shield Smash
Throw your shield while you are airborne by pressing Normal attack. After that, jump backward and land. 90% chance to inflict Stun.
Lv14: CD 9 sec; damage 596%

Chaotic Shield
Throw your shield forward. The shield flies forward and then spin at a fixed location, sucking nearby enemies towards it.
CD 15 sec
Lv 12: 1378%

Cruel Rush
Moving forward quickly and swing your weapon to attack enemies. Hold normal attack to continue charging and attacking, consuming 3 [Nightmare Power] each time. Movement speed + 100.
CD 19 sec
Lv11: 1238%; additional hit 1238%


Guilty Attack
Press normal attack while dashing, charging or Quick Dash to spin 1 round and swing your weapon. After that, press Normal attack to use Massacre. Generate 1 [Nightmare Power] on hit.
Lv14: CD 2 sec; damage 1825%

Hitting Revenant
Press normal attack when you are being attack to counter.
Lv10: CD 10 sec; damage 419%

Deadly Blow
Charge forward while swinging your weapon to damage enemies. When casting certain skill on the ground, press Jump to cancel that skill and activate this skill. After casting this skill, hold normal attack to use Carnage continuously.
Lv9: CD 7 sec; damage 1240%

Arch Heretic

Transform into Arch Heretic with the Nightmare Power. Increase Phy attack by a certain % of STR. Certain skills become Nightmare skills, with improved effects.
CD 10 sec
Lv6: 600%; increase Phy attack by 20% STR; duration 100 sec
[Nightmare Skills]:
Execute – AoE increase, inflict damage debuff
Evil Hand –  damage increase; enable the trigger of [Savage Attack]
Carnage – damage increase, casting speed increase
Savage Attack – damage increase
Guilty Attack – AoE increase
Devastation – damage increase
Cruel Rush – AoE increase, movement speed increase.

[Nightmare] Execute
AoE increase.  Extend the range of weapon. Inflict 20% damage debuff for 10 sec.

[Nightmare] Evil Hand
Induce 2 dark column after throwing enemies to the ground.  Skill damage + 50%.

[Nightmare] Carnage
Increase range of weapon. Increase attack speed by 20%

[Nightmare] Savage Attack
Summon heretic swords from the ground instead of dark lightning. Press normal attack after casting [Nightmare] Evil Hand to summon heretic swords from the dark column. Skill damage +50%.

[Nightmare] Devastation
Increase damage. Increase 20% casting speed. Dark flame gushes out from the fissure and damage enemies.
Lv15: dark flame damage 7670%

[Nightmare] Cruel Rush
AoE increase. Movement speed + 200.

Saw Blade
Spinning your sword rapidly while it descends from air gradually. Press normal attack during the descent to throw it forward.
CD 30 sec
Lv13: Spinning damage 9378%; throw damage 8441%

Class Mastery
Gain 1 [Nightmare Power] every 2 sec. Reduce the CD of Land Corruption by 1 sec when Nightmare skills hit enemies. Only the 1st hit of each Nightmare skill can only reduce the CD.

Class Mastery II
Increase the damage of Deadly Blow by 50% every second, up to max 1000%. When Deadly Blow hits enemies, the damage increase accumulation is reset. Increase 10% phy attack.


Quick Dash
CD 2 sec
Strengthen Dash after transforming to Arch Heretic. Dash a longer distance.

Power Accelerator (A)
Final damage + 10%

Power Accelerator (B)
Dark elemental attack + 15%

Attack Accelerator (A)
After transforming to Arch Heretic, Nightmare skills damage +5%

Attack Accelerator (B)
Deal additional 5% damage on crit.

Enchant Buff (Brutal Soul)
Strengthen Brutal Soul. Gain additional 15% crit rate for 180 sec when casting Brutal Soul.

Enchant Buff (Pain to Gain)
Strengthen Pain to Gain. Increase the [Nightmare Power] gained from casting Pain to Gain to 50.

Arch Heretic EX (A)
Strengthen Transform Arch Heretic. Increase 10% phy attack when transforming into Arch Heretic.

Arch Heretic EX (B)
Strengthen Transform Arch Heretic. Increase 5% phy attack and 10% all elemental resist when transforming into Arch Heretic.

If you want to see the Arch Heretic in action, then go check out some videos below from DN players of Korean server.