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Bungie Answers Some Lingering Questions About Rise of Iron

Bungie Answers Some Lingering Questions About Rise of Iron
Gameinformer had a little chit-chat with Bungie developers Destiny: Rise of Iron's game director Chris Barrett and executive producer Scott Taylor to answer pages of questions coming from fans. The interview can be seen below. It's a lengthy video (almost an hour), so we advise you to check out the summary of the important things that were discussed during the interview (which you can read below the video).

Here's the summary of the important things that were discussed during the interview.


What's the release time for RoI? 

Will SRL be permanent? 
We're not allowed to talk about it at this moment.

Special events in the week before RoI release? 
Keep your eye's open for new content

Are there exotic secrets like Black Spindle? 
There are exotic quests to get weapons. There's an awful lot of work to add some interesting secrets, some places to find and discover, one is in the social space... there's cool stuff in the social space. We are specifically introducing more quests to acquire that stuff (regarding the hard stuff). There's definitely one that players wlil find out about eventually.

Will the Gjallarhorn be the "mighty" weapon it was or the post-nerf version? 
It will be tuned to be not the only weapon you use

Changes for Xûr? 
New inventory including Ornaments (those that you can get from Radiant Treasures). You can convert items from the Radiant Treasures into silverdust that you can use to purchase things in Eververse (and/or Xur?).

Will Thorn change? 
It's going to be the same Thorn you love-love or hate-hate now; the last changes to balance it that are in place will stay. Therefore the reason of the new artifact. If you decide to change an artifact mid-match, effects will start immediately (no cooldown or anything).

Will wins and kills in Private matches count towards grimoire? 
Yes. We just had a conversation about it.

What's happenning with Taken Strikes and Taken Spawns in Patrol? 
Those are staying. Heroic Playlist will stay even if you don't have RoI; you won't see RoI strikes.
Will open quests be auto-completed? They won't change. They will stay open.


Do you have a list of common things requested by the community? 
Yes, we have our Community Team rank these and they're being sent internally on a weekly/monthly basis.

Top 3 things for returning players: 
The raid, if you're a PvE: new story/exploring the new zone & if you're a PvP: Crucible/Private matches, new gear, rituals in the Iron Temple, the hunter set from the raid... (not a real top 3)

Class and Weapon tuning for RoI? 
There will be an update once we see how the systems are working.
Will there be solo PvE focus end game activities? Archon's Forge, Challenge of Elders, Queens Bounties, Faction Packages, Strikes...

Will Raid weapons have static rolls or will there be variations? 
We have to check on that.

Will exotic engrams being hoarded drop Year 3 exotics? 
We want to stay mysterious on this.

What number will engrams decode (light)? 
It will be higher than current number.

Exotic Kiosk will show Year 3 weapons and gear? 
Yes, in the same page

Light level for inventory from vendros? 
It will be tweaked, don't want to give an specific number.

Three of Coins will stay? 
Yes, same idea.

Will Quests be able to be completed in Private matches? 
No, Private Matches won't count toward weekly bounties and Quests.

Can we manage a Clan from the App? 
We don't have anything to announce now but team in charge of it will communicate whenever they have something new.

Significant changes to ToO? 
Gear and maps.

New strike specific legendaries? 
Yes, there are.

Are we timing a mission? 
We're doing different things, taking positive and negative feedback.

Plans for factions? 
One new feature: you'll be able to get a choice when you rank up (weapons, armor or chroma). There's a lot of cool stuff we want to do with factions in the future.

Will Khvostov Quest be available as soon as RoI launches? 

Will we see more Chroma? 
We wanted to introduce the new ornaments as an evolution of chromas. Previous chroma will still be available.

Will Banshee have new weapons? 
We updated Gunsmith weapons to the new light level.

Changes in the Vault organization? 
Not in day 1 but we're working on it.

Will Year 2 ToO armor be available in Year 3? 
No, hurry and get it now.

What do you think about No Man's Sky UI?
(They asked about no mans sky because some of its UI looks directly ripped from destiny.)