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World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.0.3 Gold Making Guide

World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.0.3 Gold Making Guide
A little background

I played in Warlords of Draenor, and I didn't have more than 20k gold. In fact, when I canceled my subscription, I had around 25k gold I'd made from running legacy raids, and garrison missions. I was starting to get my feet wet with goldmaking, but ultimately I got bored of the content (in this case the lack of), and went ahead and canceled just before 6.2 was released. So, you could say I started with hardly anything, or you could say I started with some capital (either way, 25k isn't much at all, you can get that from running old raids on 12 toons). I am in no way an expert at goldmaking, nor will I claim to be. I just thought I would share my findings and mistakes from two weeks of goldmaking with likeminded people, and see if there are any ways I could improve my profits.

The methods I've used to make gold after 7.0.3

Farming and Selling

So, when I began trying to make gold I wasn't using TSM. I was using a nice little addon called Auctionator. I hopped on all my characters, and because I thought that I couldn't sell old mats because every other player would be dumping them on the auction house, (and having no prior knowledge) I vendored them. Probably around 8k Sumptuous fur, 10k herbs and ore across all 6 of my level 100 toons (back when you got a ton of herbs and ore from garrison mines/gardens). I still cringe thinking about doing that now, but there's no use crying of spilled milk. I picked up a few thousand gold from that, however.

So, when I started doing some research into goldmaking I find all sorts of stuff. I tried a few things that I could as a returning player. Notably the Tamed Clefthoof farm in Nagrand. I thought about crafting bags, but the prices at the time were rock bottom and I would not break even with material costs by selling them in the current market. I made about 3-6k gold an hour farming fur and selling it on the auction house. Sure it's not glamorous, but gold is gold.

I was making more gold than I ever had, but I honestly wasn't making much so after a few days I stopped selling my farm, turned it into bags to sell later, and started looking for oth

Farming Rare Items

Fel Pocket Spreader

Obviously, I spent a good few days farming the Fel Pocket Spreader like much of the WoW players has been jumping for joy over. There's not much to tell about how to do this, as I'm sure everyone who wants to make money knows how it works, if not just look it up on wowhead.com.

For anyone curious, I found the most efficient way to farm these does not involve camping doomsayers in a raid group for hours on end, but by going around on your own server and hunting down doomsayers yourself, solo (and of course, announcing them in general chat for help as you spawn it. Don't do it before, I've lost a few to trolls who will reset with Dark Whispers by casting Hysteria). The twist, however, is a neat little addon called Premade Group Finder, and what it does is automatically apply for groups with keywords in them, proving you click what role you are fast enough. In it's configuration, you just need to type things like "Demonsayer," "Infiltrator," "Inf," "VoS," other little buzzwords. Players who are on less populated servers need help to kill Doomsayers, and sometimes their server won't immediately come to their aid. So, while you're flying around on your own server, you can get some free dreadlord kills without being kicked from a raid group, and getting multiple ones every hour.

Another trick is to just afk snipe in Orgrimmar and watch Trade/General chat for anyone announcing an infiltrator.

The biggest drawback is the RNG. I went 5/36 farming these. Some people had better luck; I didn't, so I stopped and tried other methods. What I've been doing is putting one on the auction house for every 2 I get, banking the other two.

Tomes of Polymorph in Pandaria

These do not sell as well as the Fel Pocket Spreader, but I've made about 40k in the past few days selling these without any competition. You need to be on a mage (in order to get the drop), and go to Pandaria.

The Tome of Polymorph: Monkey drops pretty well and is easily farmed by killing hozen mobs in the Jade Forest here. These sell for about 1-2k each, and are a lot easier to farm, especially in a 5 man. I didn't try farming these really besides to get one for my mage, but it dropped pretty fast once I got in a group. The mobs respawn insanely quick as well.

The Tome of Polymorph: Porcupine allegedly has a better drop rate, but the mobs are more scarce. The best place to farm them is here in the Kun Lai Summit. I got about 8 of these tomes in 4 hours, so about 2 an hour. On my server nobody was selling any, and I've been selling them for around 20k each, but I've come down a bit to 12k. They do not sell like candy, in fact, TSM says it sells about 0.09 a day on my server. The two times I sold them was advertising on trade chat. Also, while I was able to make 40k from two of these, the people in my group (from other realms) told me they went for about 8-10k on their server, which is still really good.

Summary: Fel Spreaders are too RNG, for immediate returns, and Tomes of Polymorph could be a potentially decent side farm.


I know this is a bit of a gamble, but I feel like it should be mentioned. Stocking up on trade goods and rare items is a pretty good idea because most players will be trying to make as much money as they can before the expansion. Sometimes, people don't quite think ahead though and don't realize how big of a consumer base they're ignoring by selling immediately. Players will return and resub to WoW in the coming weeks for Legion to find that there are some cool mounts they've missed in Warlords of Draenor, some'll also be coming back with smaller bags, so I have a few go to items that I've stocked up on to sell all throughout Legion for about double the price I bought it for.

Hexweave Bags

I don't know about other servers, but everyone overhyped the Hexweave Bags on my server. They're currently selling for about 1k or less, and are easier than ever to mass produce. The biggest bag in Legion will be a unique equipped bag sold by the Mad Merchant for 500k. If I see them selling for less than 800g, its an instant buy. So, Hexweave will still continue to be the best bag in Legion. I won't be stocking up on too much of these simply because it could easily relapse to the current market if Legion is flooded with them.

Burning Blades/Pocket Fel Spreaders

Pocket Fel Spreaders are limited time items, and have a huge demand while they're still obtainable. They'll have an even larger demand by players when they become unobtainable. You can probably sell them upwards of 100k after about 4-6 months, upwards to a year or two.

Burning Blades were a reliably cheap item for me to stock up on. I bought them for 10-20g each, and have quite a few piling up in my bank. Later into Legion, I can easily sell these for 100-200g, upwards to 1k on a good day. Its a decent investment at almost no cost.

Coalfist Gronnlings

I'm going to be biased and say it: I love the Gronnlings in WoD. Before WoD dropped, I saw them in the mount journal and knew I wanted one. And I got it: the Sunhide Gronnling; the second they unlocked the rare spawns for servers. That thing is still my favorite mount because its pretty damn unique compared to other mounts. I, personally, don't know how other players feel about the mount, but the Coalfist Gronnling is Bind on Use are really cheap on my server, and looks pretty decent. I see them selling for less than 1k, and I usually buy them for under 800g. It's a pretty worthwhile investment, I don't see these things being overhyped like bags because they're not exactly mass produced. And returning players will come to Legion looking for shiny new mounts.


After searching for gold making methods for a week I found out about sniping. I've heard the term but never understood it. I've also seen TSM, but never really given it the time or day because it looked over complicated compared to some other AddOns that reduced the amount of HUD rather than expand it, and to be honest, I'm still working out the ins-and-outs of TSM.

So, I went and tried TSM sniper. I tried different sniper formulas, but none of them really did what I needed them to (being on a low population server, the AH isn't as competitive as servers like Illidan and such, therefore less is posted). After tinkering with it a bit, I'm pretty happy with what I have set up. I borrowed u/bilisonyxia 's "minprice" custom pricing because its a bit more accurate and takes other variables into consideration so I don't get things that are just awkwardly priced or a bunch of vendor junk.

Simply open TSM, go to Custom Features, then go to Custom Price Sources, and create a new one with the following code:
max(min(DBGlobalMarketAvg, DBHistorical, DBGlobalHistorical), VendorSell)
Here is the formula I use right now:
90% minprice
And the reason why its such a high/broad formula is, again, I'm on a low pop server and sometimes 15 minutes go by and nothing is posted. I'm probably just a bit anxious when I snipe though.

If you're on a higher population server or have a second account, I'd recommend that you use this formula instead of mine:
check(minprice - 100000g, 90% minprice, check(minprice - 50000g, 80% minprice, check(minprice - 10000g, 60% minprice, check(minprice - 5000g, 50% minprice, check(minprice - 1000g, 30% minprice, check(minprice - 500g, 20% minprice, check(minprice - 50g, 10% minprice)))))))
So after a few days of sniping, I managed to double my gold. I bought an Elixir of Ancient Knowledge for a few silver, several Large Ogre Caches for about 10g, among other things I can't quite remember. I do know, however, that I hit around 80k within the timespan of a few days relatively easily. Though, that was just odd luck, I haven't gotten as lucky lately and I've made only a few thousand a day from sniping as of lately.

Cards of Omens

This method goes to a really underrated blog I found that definitely deserves more than it gets, credit goes to Iudex from Iudexgaming. You can watch below the original video I found and also, here's is a copy of a spreadsheet he made on GoogleDocs.
This is something that I've been wanting to try for a while now, but just recently got a maxed out scribe to do it on with my Legion boost. It is entirely RNG, and is definitely a gamble, but I found myself making a decent profit even when Herb/Ore prices are at 1 gold each. For best results, I suggest under 75 silver for herb/ore prices, and maximize profit at 50 silver and lower.

What you're going to want is the recipe to make War Paints without rest, which is only available on Herb Trader day (which is today, ironically, and rotates to different traders every day: Herb->Ore->Dust->Fur->Leather repeating), and trade Herbs for Primal Spirits, the recipe, and Mass Millings (to speed things up). Make War Paints using the Primal Spirits you just bought. Then you make as many Cards of Omens as you possibly can, flip them over.

You get about 4g per card on average, and can make anywhere from a 20% (at maximum cost for herbs/ore) to a 100% + profit (at 50 silver or less per herb/ore).

I haven't really measured this in terms of gold per hour, but I'd guess I made about 10k in an hour or so.

Summary: Cards of Omens can net you about 10-20k per hour depending on server.

And last but not the least (I mentioned this earlier, but I'll try to ellaborate it here):

Farming Mar'Goks Overwatch with the clefthoofs who instantly respawn upon the death of them.

To do so, you need to get 5 people (You really want a monk in here for the ox statue, always try to save a spot for a Monk) and enjoy the consistent vendor gold and fur gold. Sumptuous Furs are still selling like wildfire.

This isn't a get rich quick scheme, although in 4 days I did get the Blackrock Bulwark which already sold for 24,000 gold and a couple other purples and blues. Vendor all the grays and greens. AH the blues and purples. AH the furs. Just a few days ago was at 120k, now I'm at 225k.

I know there was a post here recently about this spot, but a lot of people still don't know about it. I've seen people in-game ask what we're doing when we're at the spot and they see us farming it. The reason I like it a lot is because I KNOW I'm leaving with a fair amount of gold no matter what. No farming an instance for two hours and praying to get one of the Transmog drops that can take months to sell.

If you're looking for CONSISTENT gold, not "maybe future gold" like some of the other farms, I'd consider doing this even a couple hours a day. If you can fit in 4 hours a day of this, even better.

You can also consider stockpiling some of the fur because people won't want to farm for Sumptuous Fur once Legion comes, so the prices could go up. On my server a stack of 200 goes for anywhere from 280-400, just depends, but I have sold them at 400 per 200 in bulk and seen them sell by the time I wake up in the morning.

If you want to snag extra gold, you can get away with skinning sometimes in these groups, but I feel it's sort of a respect thing to not skin at all so you kill them faster so they respawn faster. You can list it as a no skinning group if you want so people know to not get cute, it's evident (loot log and just the feel) when someone is just mooching and skinning. Some groups might not care if you skin a little bit though, and 200 Raw Beast Hides are going for 1000+ on my server so it is more gold if you skin while doing it, it's just considered bad mannered and I have seen people booted for skinning in these groups.

I'm not against the high risk high reward transmog spots where you could waste 4 hours getting nothing or get 200,000 on an item, but for CONSISTENT gold, this is my absolute favorite spot and I know I'm leaving with something.

So that's all about it guys! Sorry for the bad formatting and inconsistencies of the post. Well, I just let my thoughts flow out in here and I hope you'll find this info useful.