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What to Do After You Hit Level 50 in Wildstar [Updated August 2016]

What to Do After You Hit Level 50 in Wildstar [Updated August 2016]
First things first

There is a lot to take in, Wildstar is a big MMO afterall with lots of content, but don't feel overwhelmed! As a newer 50 myself, I will try to dissect some of the important notes I picked up for you. I will be using the Exile map/npcs for this guide, so sorry if you play Dominion. I'm sure it will be the same experience, you will just have to figure out where all the npcs are located for your faction.

So you just hit 50? GRATS!! Take a breath, you did it! The first thing you will probably want to do is go through your quest log and abandon all the lower level quests you did not complete (don't worry, you can always pick them back up when you go to that zone). Now that you have some room freed up, it is time to pick up all the contracts to start getting loot and dailies to start getting some currency! The main hub in Thayd is located at the Champion's Corner.

Here you will see lots of !'s to pick up and the Contract Dispenser.

The Contract Dispenser is a board of changing dailies that will reward you with RAID QUALITY GEAR when you fill it up with track points, much like your Challenge path. There is one Tier 1 repeatable quest, three Tier 2 quests, and one Tier 3 quest. The higher the tier, the more rewards and reward points given.

Character / Gear Progression

You may have noticed that your xp bar is still there. Once you're level capped, your xp starts going towards a weekly Elder Gem cap. Elder Gems are one of the many types of currencies in Wildstar. If you fill that bar up for the week, all xp will grant you bonus gold until the reset. Currently, the weekly Raid, Omnibit, and Xp reset happens on Wednesdays at 2am PST. You will still earn rested xp bonus while logged off, so it is of value to always log off in your house. You can quickly recall to your house by selecting it in the recall menu.

Logging off in your house can give you bigger bonuses of rested xp, especially if you have decor with rest buffs.


Joining a good guild can be very beneficial to you. You should try to aim for a guild that has most of its tiers unlocked and all buffs going. 

Not only is there an active buff for xp, but also gold, renown, and much more. You can also further buff yourself by visiting the guild vendor and buying 4 hour flasks of diff types for 500 renown each.

Missing Skills and Amps

Once you are hit 50, you do not automatically have all Skill + Amp points unlocked. You will have to collect the remaining ones through different means. Some are bought for Elder Gems, some are BoE drops, some are unlocked when completing all dungeons with Gold status. Here is a handy forum link on where to collect all of them with NPC locations - AMP Power + Ability Points

Attunement and Raids

You should have recieved a comm-call the moment you turned 50 and probably blindly accepted a quest from it. The attunement quest to get into the first raid has been heavily reduced and much easier to complete ever since the switch to F2P. It should be labeled as 'Attunement' in your quest log so it is easier for you to keep track of. You will then need to beat all dungeons with atleast bronze. They work retroactively so it is alright if you already did them. You also will need to kill an optional boss in Veteran Kel’voreth named Kythria, so be sure to ask your party nicely if they can take a quick detour and finish your attuning. After one more quest turn in to your city's archives, you should recieve a Genesis key. You are now ready to raid!

The raid order is:

GA (Genetic Archives) -> Y-83 (Initiliazation Core Y-83) -> DS (Datascape)


ilvl 65

Before you venture out into the world you may want to grab some fresh newly painted lvl 50 gear. It is recommended that you head straight to the PvP vendor and buy your full Assault/Support set pieces for gold. It will cost around 2 platinum for one set.

You should be sufficient enough now to solo Veteran Expeditions with ease!

ilvl 72

Most crafted gear is this ilvl.

Some world BoEs as well.

ilvl 78/80

Veteran dungeons.

Lower contract rewards.

ilvl 85

Arcterra vendor. Arcterra is a new map that is mostly for 5-20 man groups. As soon as you join, look for the train that is running around and start getting that loot.

ilvl 90+

Chance from world bosses. No LOCKOUT!

ilvl 96/100

Raid: Genetic Archives. Needs attunement: see above!

Final contract reward.

ilvl 100-120

Raid: Y-83. 2 bosses, think more of a side raid.

ilvl 116-120

Raid: Datascape

You are now ready to go out into the world and start conquering! Get those dailies done, cupcake!