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Trove Chloromancer Guide- How to Play

Trove Chloromancer Guide- How to Play
Chloromancer's Abilities

Phytobarrier is the Chloromancer's passive and it helps make it much more tanky. What it does is that it creates a shield when you reach 50% health. This shield is dependent on your max health and has a 15 second cooldown. This ability appears rather underwhelming but it still is strong. Since it has a small cooldown, you can make a tank Chloromancer build work to an extent. Another thing that isn't mentioned but you find out quickly is that you can heal players with your normal attacks. The heal is 2% of the target's maximum health, which while it can be useful, it typically isn't.

The leafy lasher is the Chloromancer's only direct damage ability and sadly, it's kinda meh. It's strong in the early game and has great area denial but those are the only things going for it by itself. However, when used with either Prowling Shadow or Samantha, it becomes an insane self-healing device. This making Chloromancer a rather good pseudo-tank. Another thing about both the lasher and the polinator is that they grow faster if you hit them with your normal attacks. It's also important to mention that lashers don't stack. Ever since launch, this has been an error that tons of chloromancers, low pr AND high pr, have been making. It's also the main reason I'm writing this guide as it not only wastes animation frames that could be spent doing other things but it also wastes a bit of energy to do almost nothing. It's also important to mention that you can only have 4 lashers out at 1 time.

The polinator is Chloromancers strongest skill by a long shot. Not only does it deal a surprising amount of damage when stacked on top of each other, but it also heals all nearby players in a 5 block radius. This heal heals for 12.5% of the targets maximum health, making it much more useful than the normal attack heal. It also has a 1 second cooldown and for a . It's also important to remember that the chloromancer can have a maximum of 6 polinators out at a time, making it possible to burst heal somebody for 75% of their maximum health. However often times it's better to just spam the 1 key instead of stacking them all as you don't get an increased heal for each flower. Another really good part about the polinators is that they deal AoE damage, meaning they also work really well with Prowling Shadow/Samantha.

Sow Chaos, in my opinion, is the chloromancer's worst move. It spawns a random combination polinators and lashers with a total of 10 flowers. This at first sounds good but it has the downside that the flowers pop out in randomly from you and because of that, they are too spread out to be able to heal them all with your normal attacks. On top of that, the polinators aren't in any good position to heal your team. Finally, the only way to control the flower spawns is to stand directly on top of the creatures so all the flowers land down directly below you. In my opinion, this is the only way to make this move useful as otherwise it is too random.

Green Gatling is the chloromancers class gem and it's the other way that a chloromancer can pump out damage. The gem gives you a 10% chance to spawn a plant known as a green gatling upon planting another. The green gatling will shoot rapidly at enemies for a short period of time. This is a really strong gem that works well with high crit hit and can melt tons of things with the arcane emblem but it's not too reliable. It's definately a gem you want to run as a chloromancer as it still let's you get your normal phytobarrier passive so it has no downsides but you shouldn't rely on it as a damage source.

My Build

-Magic Damage
-Attack Speed
-Crit Hit
-Energy Regen

Explanation for these stats: These are the stats I run on my weapon because magic damage is the only thing you can get as a 1st stat on weapons. I run attack speed second because attack speed is crucial for making chloromancer work. It let's you heal your teammates faster and more importantly, you can grow your plants faster. Crit hit is my 3rd because it helps make leafy lashers better and also help green gatlings a ton. Finally I run energy regen as my 4th as it makes spamming flowers 24/7 possible.


-Max Health
-Attack Speed
-Max health%/Magic Find
-Crit Damage

Explanation for these stats: Max health is the only thing you can run for the first slot for hats. Attack speed for the same reason listed above. I run max health% to make me more tanky and let me be able to face tank a bunch more but currently I'm running magic find on my hat instead. This is mainly to help me earn money due to getting tons of magic find off of the patron 2x multiplier. If you aren't in u8-u9 or have patron, I wouldn't run magic find as you don't get a lot out of it otherwise. Finally, I run crit damage because it helps me utilize the crit hit I get off of gems and my weapon.


-Max Health
-Attack Speed
-Max Health%
-Crit Damage

Explanation for these stats: Max health is once again the only thing you can run first slot for faces. Attack speed is also here for the same reason listed above. Max health% because without it I would be too fleshy and as such, not be able to face tank. Finally crit damage again because the reason listed above.


-Prowling Shadow/Samantha
-Prefect Penguin
-Shock/Cotton Candy

Explanation for these allies: The effect that Prowling Shadow and Samantha give are insane for chloromancers as it works for every time a lasher hits something, which is pretty often. I will always prefer Prowling Shadow over Samantha because I don't find jumps that useful but it's doesn't really matter which you use as long as you get the 2.2% health every time you hit something. I sometimes use Prefect Penguin because it gives 20% bonus magic damage and also helps keep me alive whenever I kill something. Lastly, I use either Shock or Cotton Candy when grinding because it gives me more magic find. Some people run Chronomancer Qubesly but I don't think it's very good, here is why. It gives 20% magic damage which is nice but prefect gives the same bonus. Chronomancer also gives 25% cooldown reduction. However, the polinators already have a short cooldown so having .25 less wouldn't make that much of a difference. Sow Chaos does go onto a 30 second cooldown but like I said earlier, that ability isn't the strongest. Finally, I run Shock or Cotton Candy because it gives me more magic find.


-Magic Damage/Energy Regen
-Magic Damage/Magic FInd
-Magic Damage/Jumps

Explanation for these rings: Sometimes I find that I still run out of energy even with energy regen on my weapon so I sometimes use energy regen as a 2nd stat. Most of the time though I run Magic Damage and magic find, so i can get some tasty drops. Finally, like I said earlier, I don't value jumps a lot, but I understand that some people do so you can run magic damage and jumps if you like.

Strategies and Combos

As strange as it might sound, the chloromancer's goal isn't to deal damage, it's to heal the entire party to prevent them from dying. You can do this from mainly spamming polinators. However, not only can you heal your party from the polinators, but you can also heal minions too. The minions that are possible to heal are Tomb Raiser's little minions and it's goliath, Lunar Lancer clones (from the class gem), and most importantly, the Dracolyte's dragons (also from class gem). The fact that you can heal minions is one reason why chloromancer, in my opinion, is the king of utility. No other classes can heal others reliably (Candy Barbarian and Boomeranger can heal, but both are on their ult abilities so it's not reliable) and it's also the only class that can heal Lunar Lancer clones and Dracolyte's dragons. While healing Lunar Lancer clones can be useful to have a pseudo-tank, you mainly will want to help heal the Tomb Raiser's goliath and the Dracolyte's dragons. This is because a Tomb Raiser can't heal a goliath fast enough to sustain it and the Dracolyte's dragons die quickly.


In the paragraph above, I mention of how healing the Dracolyte's dragons are one of the best things to heal. This is because Dracolyte and Chloromancer have the fastest grinding combo in the game from what I know. Basically all you need is a Dracolyte with the class gem and a Chloromancer. From there you can have a Dracolyte spam it's burning ward ability and have the chloromancer spam it's polinators. After a while, you should be able to have a total of 6 dragonlings, which from there you can start the boss and destroy everything as the dragonlings deal 1.5x the Dracolyte's magic damage. In total that means you can get 9x more damage if you have all six and from there, if you use the arcane emblem, you can get around 22.5x the normal classes damage output. Considering that this is from 2 classes (one of which is typically always in a shadow tower anyway), it's a really strong combo,

Conclusion and Other Things

All in all, I find chloromancer to be one of the strongest classes in the game, while also being one of the most balanced ones. It struggles by itself but when with other people, it becomes insanely powerful of how much utility it has.

Credits: Special thanks to Echo and Clouds for making this guide.