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PvP Sorceress Guide in Dark Souls 3

PvP Sorceress Guide in Dark Souls 3
Ideal Stat Allocation

If you think this is the only way to build a sorcerer, you're wrong. The numbers I will present to you are a suggestion. Which means you're free to level up however you damn well please. So experiment with what you're comfortable with. This is just what I think is efficient for a sorcery build.

Starter: Mercenary

Wait, what the hell? You're telling me that the Sorcerer class isn't the best starting class for creating a build that uses Sorceries?

Yea motherfucker; use the Mercenary class because this is the optimal starter for min-maxing. You probably haven't even started a Sorcerer and that's why you're reading this today.

Moving on to numbers....

40 Vigor - Good baseline for health. If you like dying on the daily, go for 27 Vigor. Don't say I didn't warn you.

30 Attunement - Gives you 5 spell slots. What does that mean for you? It means you can use up to 5 spells. Come on, this isn't complicated. Use some of that common sense you were born with.

20 Endurance - Having 20 is enough to get the job done. Just kidding, I only chose this number because I'm strapped for points.

60 Intelligence - Soft cap for above average damage out of your sorcery. Don't like all this investment? Too bad, don't come crying to me if bashing enemies with your wand does more damage than your sorcery.

Base Vitality - You don't need to level this up. You won't be wearing any thicc armor sets by Prada.

Weapons (Because Miyazaki Has A Hard On For Quality Melee Builds)
  • Any weapon you can use [(x)STR/(x)DEX)]
The rest of the points go into STR and DEX. Distribute however you want. If you have an infusable weapon: Crystal infuse that shit for the sweet intellect scaling.
  • Moonlight Greatsword [16STR/11DEX/26INT]
The one weapon everyone gets excited about being in the game, but no one actually uses.

Rise above; give this weapon a go and don't be a hypocrite. It has hyper armor when 2H, decent moveset, and can shoot lasers out of charged R2's.
  • Greatsword of Judgement [17STR/15DEX/12INT]
In my opinion, this is a (marginally) better Moonlight Greatsword. Has a longer reach, it's weapon art has a self buff that can be activated by a poke or a laser beam.

Good for people who don't want to fucking farm proofs and want to look stylish af.


These next two weapons require investment in FAITH, so if you want to use them, say bye bye to your 4th ring slot because Priestess Ring is needed for this build.

Why does it use faith you ask? Because fucking lore, that's why. You can blame Vaati and the other nerds for digging in too deep to the story.
  • Immolation Tinder [18STR/18DEX/12INT/12FTH]
A halberd, I REPEAT, A HALBERD that can cast sorceries. Still not convinced on why you should use it? Fuck you. Give this thing a try.
  • Cleric's Candlestick [8STR/12DEX/12FTH]
A straight sword with ok damage that can cast sorceries. Quick attack speed and can be mixed-up with spells.

Spells (Can't Be A Caster Without One These Babies)

Spells you can hit people with 70% of the time, 100% of the time, guaranteed everytime
  • Farron Flashsword
This is the spell incarnation of R1 spam. It has fast casting speed and comes with a running R1. If opponents like rolling into you, use this to push them back. MAKE EM PUT SOME RESPECK ON YOUR BOUNDARIES, YO.

Before I forget to mention, this can be parried by ANY parrying tool. That means caestus boys and girls...
  • Soul Greatsword
The most stylish spell in the game. Guaranteed a first hit on most players because to them, a sorcerer is like a unicorn, rarely seen by the human eye.

Large horizontal sweep with decent range. Good for roll catching people who roll away and to your sides.
  • Homing (Crystal) Soul Mass
An amazing spacing tool and initiator. Can be used in tandem with other spells. It also works extremely well with a technique dubbed "Ravioli Step".

If you know what a Ravioli Step is, you can use the technique to activate when your homing souls mass will go after it's target.

For those who don't, Google it like you do with everything.
  • (Crystal) Soul Spear
Tactical nuke inbound.

Amazing travel speed and damage. Slow start-up and high FP cost. Not meant to be spammed. Use this as a surprise factor.
  • Great Farron Dart
A finisher spell. Can be spammed to your heart's content because punishing this spell is never going to happen. Good for annoying passive players and negating health regeneration.

Other spells so it looks like I'm giving you options
  • Crystal Hail
Make it rain on some bitches. This is another spacing tool. Keeps people from directly charging at you because of it's area of effect. Hitbox is kind of unreliable and does shit for damage. This spell is purely for mindgames.
  • Chameleon
Turns you into a non-conspicuous object. If you love being a tryhard, this spell will guarantee you a 100% win ratio.

Summon someone for a duel and go hide somewhere in the map using this spell. Depending on your opponent, wait between 3 minutes to an hour. That's the average lifespan of an summoned phantom. They will slowly, but surely die of attrition.
  • Wingardium Leviosa
The main reason Hermione Granger dropped out of Hogwarts.

Rings (That Means Accessories, Bitches)

Main rings you should always have equipped
  • Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
Greatly boosts sorcery damage. A must have because intellect scaling sucks. I don't care what you say, this is staying on whatever finger you decide to put it on.
  • Young Dragon Ring
Boosts sorcery damage. Noticeable damage increase, use it.
  • Sage Ring
Increases casting speed. Another must have because of your highly telegraphed wand waving and innate turtle speed.

Rings that you can use for that coveted 4th ring slot because #HavingAChoiceMatters
  • Chloranthy Ring
Increases stamina regeneration. Use with caution, this is a gate-way ring. Rely on this too much and you'll soon be off-handing Grass Crest Shield because tolerance.
  • Magic Clutch Ring
Slightly boosts sorcery damage at the cost of reduced defenses. Might as well re-name this to Magic Crutch Ring because you'll be going to the hospital even faster with this thing on.

Not recommended unless you plan on being a glass cannon.
  • Priestess Ring
Gives you +5 in Faith. If you payed any fucking attention then you would know why this is here. If not, then go scroll up and practice reading comprehension.


Crown of Dusk

A head piece that boosts sorcery damage; the catch is you're squishier to magic attacks. Not only that, but according to critics, it's the ugliest headpiece in the game.

But I disagree, it looks super kawaii on female characters with orange to red hair. Males not so much.
Side Note: This is far from ugly, the Xanthous Headpiece takes the cake for being the ugliest thing in the world besides you.

If you disagree, 1v1 me @ Pontiff's m8. I'll bash yir fookin' head in wit me stik.

  • Scholar's Candlestick

Off-hand to gain a bit more damage for your sorcery. Got nerfed recently, but who cares. Squeeze out more damage just for wielding it in your other hand. No Faith investment needed to gain the boost.
  • Witch Tree Staff
Fastest casting speed of any staff. Can be used if you don't want to use the Sage's Ring because you're desperate for a ring slot.
  • Crystal Sage Staff
The highest damaging staff IF you use it's weapon art. Without the weapon art buff, it's a basic bitch.
  • Court Sorcerer's Staff
Currently the highest damaging staff at +10 in the game. Use this if you don't give two shits about gimmicks.

MLG insider tips (Not Sponsored by Mountain DewTM or DoritosTM )
  • Long distance relationships can actually work. Keeping as much space as possible between you and your opponent is very important. You will get destroyed if you let your opponent push your shit in. Don't let them close enough to push your shit in.
  • Play aggressively. Keep the pressure on by using your spells so they can keep rolling and have little time to plan their next move.
  • If you like having an off-hand weapon, but still want that boost from Scholar's Candlestick. Remember that you can have more than one weapon on the right/left hand slot. Equip the candlestick when casting and switch to your melee weapon when you need to.
  • Off-hand the staves; you only need to press one button to activate your attack. Similiar to quality builds. Weapons go in the main hand because RIP powerstance.
  • Stacks on stacks on stacks. All the damage boosting items stack. Use them together.
  • There is a "technique" where you off-hand buff a staff and you gain a damage boost to your main-hand staff, but I won't cover it because it's probably a glitch and will eventually get patched.