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Pokemon GO: Two New Pokévision Alternatives Emerges

All of us have thought that the shutdown of Pokévision is the end of all third-party app which help trainers locate Pokémon easier. But were wrong! In fact, I have spotted two new Pokévision alternative earlier today. One is currently available on android devices, and the other one will launch a couple of hours from now!

The first app is called Smart Poke which is currently available for android devices. This application will help you find Pokémon around you using your phone and/or your android wear watch.  Check out some of the key features of this app below.

Notification on your phone with nearby Pokémon

This app will let you can enable a notification showing found Pokémon around you. In addition, this app also has an option to let your phone screen turn on and/or your phone vibrate if a non-common Pokémon is found.

Show real time Pokémon location

Long click anywhere on the map to start scanning and the app will then show Pokémon on the map in real-time.

The list view on the right shows the found pokémon with the rarer ones on top to help you spot the more interesting ones. The background colors show the rarity level.

Just simple click on any pokémon to show its details in the bottom left corner. Name, Rarity, distance (on this screenshot the distance is 75 km because I was not there) and remaining time.

If you click on the aim icon in the Pokémon info window, the map zoom will always be adapted to show both your location and this Pokémon location on your phone and your android wear watch if you have one.

Filter Pokemon

Android Wear Support

If you have an android wear watch you will be able to see the Pokémon’s map on your watch.
If a Pokémon has been "aimed" on your phone, the watch will always show you both your location and this Pokémon location.

Launch scan from your watch:

Open app on your phone from your watch:

For those of you who want to try this app, then you can download it here later.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This app requires you to login with a valid pokemon (PTC) account. That is why you should create a specific account to be sure your main account won't get banned.

The other Pokemon Go app that I was able to spot earlier is called PokeTrail. This app claims to be an alternative to the Pokevision and Skiplagged alternative which would help people to find wild Pokémon’s, all the Poke stops and discover all the gym locations nearby.
We just started beta field testing this past weekend and everything is going well (except a few surprises yesterday!). We plan to launch a website with more info and beta account request signup within the next 24 hours and will begin rolling out more beta accounts in cohorts. We are expecting more demand than we can handle, so stay tuned to get on the list early. We’ll be doing a mix of invites and first come, first served.

The PokeTrail app is going to be a mobile friendly web app which will help you to find Pokemon, Pokestops and gyms around a particular area. The developer wants to build a web app and not a native Poketrail android app or ios app because it eats us a lot of phone battery. You will soon be able to catch Pokemon again by finding them perfectly using PokeTrail.

The beta access to PokeTrail starts in around 17 hours from now so we recommend you all to head over to the official PokeTrail reddit thread HERE and keep checking the comments section for an update from the kind developer.

How to Login to PokeTrail? Scan Range PokeTrail

According to what we know, currently the users don’t need their google/PTC accounts to login to PokeTrail. PokeTrail will provide a slightly different approach than the “scanning” other tools provide. They are trying to provide a tool that doesn’t need a “scan” button. Just navigate the world and find what you’re looking for. This sounds really out of the world solution for all the Pokemon Go lovers!

PokeTrail Beta Invites

The Poketrail website is going to be beta launched in a couple of hours from now and they will be giving out invites on the first come first serve basis. They are not looking to sell the beta keys, but will create something interesting, as well as annoying.

PokeTrail Gym Locations and Status

The PokeTrail developer even said that their hope is to show all the current gym status including the team, stats and Pokemon present. The least they would offer is to show all the gym locations. This will make it much easier to explore any new area around you.

Check out below a screen capture video from an earlier build of Poketrail: