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Marvel Future Fight 'Sin' Character Comprehensive Guide


Sin has had the unfortunate disadvantage of being released along with Sharon Rogers in the 2.3.0 update, and has been vastly overshadowed as a result. Having stuck with my initial investment of Sin over Sharon, I think I'm well-versed enough with the character now that I can write a decent review.
From the in-game character description:
Sinthea "Sin" Schmidt is the daughter of the Red Skull and a villainous ally of Crossbones. Highly-trained and dangerously unpredictable, she has inherited her father's diabolical intellect and combat skills.
While I was initially on the "Binthea Shit" camp along with the rest of the sub, her T2 advancement certainly brought promise despite looking terrible on paper, and I do think she is pretty decent (obviously go Sharon Rogers over her, but she isn't as bad as people think). At Tier 1, she's a high-DPS but squishy character that's really only valuable for her leadership, but the measly-looking T2 Guaranteed Dodge buff makes her a lot more usable.

Sin is currently unfarmable, with either a very low or no chance at all from dropping as RNG bio rewards (SHIELD Lab Warp Device, Villain Siege rewards). However, you can attain her bios from selectors of any kind.

Basic Information
  • Class: Speed
  • Gender: Female
  • Type: Super Villain
  • Attacks: Physical Damage

Going around the normal attack button from right to left:

Skill 1: Rapid Handgun (unlocks at 3✩), base cooldown time 18 seconds.
Sin fires at enemies once before smoothly rolling backwards, dealing mediocre damage. This skill is an i-frame that triggers and animates quickly, making it useful to dodge attacks but not as good as the 5* i-frame. However, this skill should be used as often as possible, as it triggers an "All Speed" buff (+20% at max skill level, indicated by red bubble effect) that's pretty significant, and due to its quick animation, is very rarely a liability.

The All Speed buff lasts for 10 seconds, meaning you can keep it up all the time (or close to) with good skill cooldown bonuses.

This is the only skill in Sin's kit that I'd recommend maxing out - the rest are just generic attacks.

Skill 2: Pistol Whip (unlocks at 1✩), base cooldown time 6 seconds.
Sin moves in close, spinning around enemies while hitting them in melee, and finishes off with a solid elbowing. While this skill is also quick to animate (and reminiscent of Elsa's 3* and 1* "whack" skills rolled into one), its close-quarters attacks are not ideal for basically any mode, and leaves Sin wide open to attacks while not dealing good enough damage to justify its use. This is probably the move you'll be using the least.

Skill 3: Strafe Shot (unlocks at 1✩), base cooldown time 9 seconds.
Another Elsa-esque move. Sin leaps in a large arc around enemies, firing at them, before springing back and doing the same thing, ending the animation close to where she started. This move provides quick mobility, and is great to quickly get into a tough spot and duck out of it again. The damage isn't great, however, and it's no good for dodging long-animation directional attacks, as she'll jump right back into damage.

Skill 4: Rocket Launcher (unlocks at 5✩), base cooldown time 11 seconds.
Sin leaps backwards into the air, firing her rocket launcher. As the recoil sends her flipping up higher, she draws her sniper rifle and fires at enemies multiple times, still in mid-air. This is a decently long i-frame, and deals the most DPS out of any of her skills. This is the one you want to be using the most often - I wouldn't worry about saving it for a tight spot, as it has low enough of a cooldown that it'll be ready every few seconds.

Skill 5: Eternal Sin (unlocks at 6✩), base cooldown time 13 seconds.
Long animation which deals decent damage. Sin fires with her rocket launcher, strafes to the side for a sniper shot, then moves in for 3 melee hits before backflipping and firing off her rifle again. DPS-wise, it isn't a bad skill at all, but the melee part of the animation may need to be cancelled for World Boss purposes.

Passive: Fatal Reversal (unlocks at 4✩).

This here is basically Elsa's "Marvel Zombies" uniform passive, which is already regarded as one of the best, built-in. Unfortunately, it's a lot less versatile than Elsa's, making it a situational but crazily powerful passive.
  • Activation Rate: when debuffed
  • Apply to: Self
  • Remove all Debuffs (10 sec)
  • All Attack +30%, All Speed +8%, Critical Rate +35% (10 sec)
  • Cooldown time 20 seconds
From this, we can conclude Sin is pretty kinky and likes getting knocked around a decent amount.
In all seriousness, a change in this passive alone could bring T1 Sin up among one of the strongest Speed characters. It's extremely useful in World Boss (though you may have to take some damage in the process), and boosts her DPS significantly. I'd argue it's definitely worth intentionally getting debuffed, just so you can reap the benefits of this passive.

Unfortunately it can only be up half the time (as opposed to Elsa's 15 second proc with 20 second cooldown), but it's still very, very good.

Leadership: Malicious Intent.

Provides +4% to All Attack per mastery, total of +24% at max mastery. Statistically it's worse than the +30% Physical Attack of Elsa (to whom Sin is compared a lot, for obvious reasons), but the difference isn't huge and it's made up with the versatility that "All Attack" provides.

Tier-2 Advancement: Unholy.

First, let's cover the T2 passive.
  • Apply to: Self
  • Guaranteed Dodge +20% Increase
While yes, this is one of the worst T2 passives in the game, the extra Dodge really helps with Sin's survivability, and makes her solo-worthy in World Boss quite comfortably. Yes, it could be a lot better, but I'm not dissatisfied with my T2 investment, and I don't feel ripped off like I expected to.
What really sucks, though, is the stat bonus. Here's my advancement stats.

I don't mind the relatively poor passive, but the stat boosts are pretty insulting. +542 Physical Attack, +364 HP? Really?

Overall, I wouldn't say Sin is a top contender for an advancement at all, but it does allow her to solo World Bosses, so it's up to you. If you're after the objective best, though, here's not the right place you should be looking.

Skill Rotations:

Highly situational. If you want to max out DPS:

3* > 5* > 6* > whichever 1* you want to use, depending on skill cooldown.

In any other mode, it's mostly based on what enemy. 5* does good damage and has an i-frame, so it's good for both damage and dodging attacks. The 1* roll-around move can be pretty useful, and if the enemy is wide-open, use the 6*.

Most of her gameplay, in competitive modes anyway, is 3* buff, 5* and kite.


Gear 1: Hand Gun. Base stats are "Physical Attack" (+800 at +20) and "Critical Rate" (+561 at +20). Go for "Physical Attack by LV" for the first option, "Physical Attack" or "All Attack" for the rest.

Gear 2: Skeleton Vest. Base stats are "Physical Defense" (+709 at +20) and "Critical Damage" (+573 at +20). "Energy Defence by LV" for the first option, "All Defence" for the rest. If you want to roll "All Defence" for all of them because it looks better, go for it - there won't be a noticeable difference.

Gear 3: Black Leather Pants. Base stats are "HP" (+2745 at +20) and "Movement Speed" (+573 at +20). "HP by LV" for the first option, "HP" for the rest.

Gear 4: Rocket Launcher. Base stats are "Dodge" (+1170 at +20) and "Skill Cooldown" (+573 at +20). I would personally go with "Critical Damage" here, as Sin's passive already provides +35% Critical Rate. However, if your cooldown from cards isn't great, "Skill Cooldown" is a good choice.

Special Gear:

At T1, probably opt for any kind of damage increase, as you'd want her to be a glass cannon, so "Critical Damage", "Critical Rate", and the "increase damage by x%" proc are all good choices.

At T2, to increase her survivability (which is needed), go for at least 70% Recovery Rate to synergise with a healing set. Other helpful procs would be "increase damage by x%", either physical or energy shields, or invincibility.

As with pretty much every character, it's a choice between Healing sets and Attack sets. If you want Sin to be viable in World Boss, I'd say a Healing set is pretty much a necessity. Getting hit is pretty much guaranteed, and in most cases you'd actually want to get hit to proc her passive. Having a Healing set to negate some of that damage is definitely the best option in my opinion.

If you intend to build her as an Elsa-style glass cannon with good leadership, that's also a valid choice, and probably what you'd go for at Tier 1, given that she won't have the survivability with added Dodge to solo any World Bosses. However, if you have the intention of T2-ing her sometime down the road, I'd stick with a heal set until that happens (or just don't put a lot of high-level ISO on your attack set so you don't have to worry about switching sets in the future).

Hawk's Eye is probably the best Attack set you can pick, with I Am Also Groot being the best healing set. Of course, it's a waste of gold for most people to roll for a specific set, but if you stumble upon one of those (like I did with I Am Also Groot), you can feel extra proud.

Set Name
Bonus 1
Bonus 2
Bonus 3
Bonus 4
Bonus 5
Hawk's Eye
When Attacking
All Attack +8.5%
Critical Rate +8.5%
Critical Damage +8.5%
Dodge +8.1%
Cooldown Time -8.1%
Power of Angry Hulk
When Attacking
All Attack +8.5%
Attack Speed +7.7%
All Defense +8.5%
Critical Rate +8.5%
Defense Penetration +8.1%
When Attacking
All Attack +8.5%
All Defense +8.5%
Critical Rate +8.5%
Critical Damage +8.5%
Defense Penetration +8.1%
Stark Backing
When Hit
All Defense +8.5%
Max HP +8.5%
Critical Damage +8.5%
Dodge +8.1%
Movement Speed +7.7%
I Am Also Groot.
When Hit
All Attack +8.5%
Max HP +8.5%
Critical Rate +8.5%
Crowd Control Time -8.1%
Recovery Rate +8.1%

To optimise:
  • Powerful (white/grey/light blue) ISOs rolled on Physical Attack if you are using them at high level. This is to preserve All Attack ones for energy characters.
  • Amplifying (red) ISOs rolled on All Attack.
  • Impregnable (dark blue) and Absorbing (green) rolled on All Defence.
  • Chaotics (rainbow) should not have Physical/Energy Defence and Energy Attack stats.

Sin has one amazing team bonus and a lot of 2-character bonuses, allowing for fluidity in team formation. Additionally, her All Attack leadership allows her to synergise perfectly with any team, without having to worry about having a character with the opposite attack type.

Unholy Trinity with Red Skull and Crossbones is one of the few 4-bonus teams in the game (5, if you count the multiple hero of same rank bonus). In this team, it's better to have Crossbones in lead, given that you have both Sin and Crossbones at 6 masteries, as his 30% Physical Attack boost lead benefits all 3 members of the team. This team provides amazing bonuses, with the main ones being around +10% attack and -5% Cooldown Time, with a sprinkling of other stats added in. This is definitely the go-to team for Sin.

Unholy Trinity (Sin + Red Skull + Crossbones): Cooldown Time -4.9%, Dodge +4.8%, Movement Speed +4.7%

Evil Legacy (Sin + Red Skull): Crowd Control Time -4.9%, Recovery Rate +4.8%

Fatal Attraction (Sin + Crossbones): Physical Defense +5.2%, Physical Attack +5.1%

Skeleton Crew (Red Skull + Crossbones): All Attack +5.5%, All Defense +5.5%

Fear Itself with Thor and Hulk is being listed out of obligation, as it's the only other three-team bonus she has. All three are solid characters, though, and while there are no pair bonuses within the team, the single bonus isn't bad in the slightest.

Fear Itself (Sin + Thor + Hulk): Max HP +5.2%, Physical Attack +5.1%, Energy Attack +5.0%

Any variation of the Captain's Crew team-up, with Sin replacing any of Falcon, Winter Soldier and Captain America will yield three two-character bonuses. All three of the Captain's Crew are very viable characters in World Boss, can give a Tier 1 Sin the support she needs to finish off a boss, and is a great option if you have only two of the Captain's Crew but not a third. If you choose to have Bucky/Winter Soldier in any team, use his leadership (again, provided Sin and Bucky are both fully mastered). I'm just going to list off all the team bonuses below that you can mix and match, but I do think Sin + Falcon + Cap might be the best combination.

Deadly Justice (Sin + Captain America): Physical Attack +5.2%, Physical Defence +5.1%

Cold Winter (Sin + Winter Soldier): Attack Speed +4.9%, Cooldown Time -4.8%

Hostage Situation (Sin + Falcon): Dodge +4.9%, Critical Damage +4.8%

Fellowship (Captain America + Winter Soldier): Critical Rate +4.9%, Critical Damage +4.9%

Running Mates (Captain America + Falcon): Dodge +4.9%, All Attack +5.1%

Frenemies (Winter Soldier + Falcon): Attack Speed +4.9%, Critical Damage +4.8%

A team with Captain America and Sharon Rogers also provides three two-character bonuses, and you get the thematic similarity across the three. Provides very nice offensive and decent defensive boosts, but unfortunately the Physical Attack boost will not benefit Sharon Rogers, but both Sin and Steve will get a hefty +10% to their attack.

Deadly Justice (Sin + Captain America): Physical Attack +5.2%, Physical Defence +5.1%

Next-Gen Rivalry (Sin + Sharon Rogers): Critical Rate +4.9%, Critical Damage +4.8%

Generational Justice (Captain America + Sharon Rogers): All Attack +5.2%, All Defense +5.1%

Setting Sin up with Crossbones and Captain America, again, provides two-bonuses for every pair within the team - most notably, you get around +15% Physical Defense and +10% Physical Attack. Add in Crossbones' leadership, and you have a pretty insane set of bonuses, possibly even on par with Unholy Trinity.

Deadly Justice (Sin + Captain America): Physical Attack +5.2%, Physical Defence +5.1%

Fatal Attraction (Sin + Crossbones): Physical Defense +5.2%, Physical Attack +5.1%

Stubborn Pursuit (Captain America + Crossbones): All Defense +5.2%, Critical Damage +4.9%


Story Mode/Special Missions:

Sin's AI skill rotation is pretty craptastic. She can clear 10-8 with ease (as any properly built character should), but takes her around 1:20. She's a reliable clear at T2, not so much at T1, and she's slow. Definitely not the best character to use for story clears.

However, due to her passive, she can be immune to slow fields in certain Guardians special missions for half the time, making her a good option for those missions.

Villain Siege:
Nothing special. She can easily take down VS1 and VS2, but can't do enough damage to be a good choice for VS3.

Excellent leadership, making her very useful for stats alone. At T2, she can also comfortably kill T2 Sharon Rogers, but often struggles to take down an entire team of 3 for the "All Kill" bonus points.

20k DPS without leadership on manual, around 15k on autoplay (I get +16% damage from cards). Very good but not anything spectacular.

Alliance Battle:

Not much use here.

World Boss

I'm going to split this off from the "Uses" section because this is obviously a big part of any character - are they viable at World Boss?

At Tier 1, I'd say she can play a supporting role pretty well.

At Tier 2, she can solo every boss except Black Dwarf (for obvious reasons) and Infinity Thanos. Her gameplay in World Boss mode is amazing, and more importantly than anything it's really fun to play her, due to her unique passive.


So this is going to be a mini-guide for how to prepare your Sin for World Boss (at T2, that is).

First of all, by far the best team bonus will be Unholy Trinity (Red Skull + Crossbones). Provides crazy bonuses as listed above in the "Teams" section, and also guarantees a use of Sin's 5* i-frame and massive damage skill when you use the team-up attack. I put Sin as lead to show what she can do with only her kit.

I use the following strikers on every day but Corvus:

Physical Attack +8%
  • Goliath
  • Amadeus Cho
  • World War Hulk
All Defence +8%
  • Jessica Jones
Attack Speed +8%
  • Iron Fist
All these are "when attacking" strikers, and I have all their first gears maxed. Straying into general tips here, but this is important - build a good set of strikers for both physical and energy teams.

I run my Sin with I Am Also Groot, four 6* ISO and four 3* ISO. I have an obelisk (image) with overall +100% Recovery Rate over two stats (which I highly recommend and find incredibly useful), and an "increase damage by 100%" proc, which is also great to boost her DPS.

Proxima Midnight

Proxima is such an easy little shit that you can forget about playing safe. You might have to watch out for her arrow throwing stuff, but make sure you get hit by one of those in the first phase, as that'll bleed debuff you and proc Sin's passive.

There's no lack of debuffs in the third phase, with all the stun arrows flying around, so make use of your debuff immunity period to go ham on Proxima.

This fight shouldn't give you much trouble at all.

Corvus Glaive

I use four Dodge Ignore strikers, along with Jessica Jones (mostly out of personal preference). I have all their first gears maxed too, but the Dodge Ignore ones don't really matter since they're there for bonus.

Luckily, Corvus' debuff skill deals very low damage (the one where he does his spastic paralysis jabs), so jump into that, proc your passive, and go crazy on him.

In the third phase, make sure to preserve your 5* skill (or team-up attack) as best you can, and fire it off when you're in trouble with ground fires, or when Corvus starts his Pain Wheel move.

Other than that, it's a pretty easy fight with 4 Dodge Ignore strikers.


Supergiant is another pretty easy fight. The most difficult part of the Supergiant stage is getting fear-locked in her blue balls and losing a ton of health, but Sin's passive will proc if you get blueballed and you'll be able to run away and deal higher damage. You can also intentionally walk into the mind balls to proc the passive, but in later stages it's probably a good idea to save it as a "backup" sort of thing, as the 10 second cooldown is plenty of time to get killed.

In the third stage, I'd recommend keeping either her 5* skill or the team-up skill (provided you're in a team that guarantees the use of the 5* i-frame) as a backup i-frame move in case you get in trouble with either blueballs or Black Bolt's massive AOE skill.

Ebony Maw

Ebony is a more tricky fight, due to his i-frames, pillars and ability to summon a whole army.

Luckily, his yellow freeze pillar things (I think they're supposed to be Celestial brain fluid from the Guardians movie?) count as debuffs, meaning you can activate your passive pretty easily, without having to take damage or wait for a certain attack.

The first phase shouldn't take long, but as soon as you get to the second phase it's mostly kiting around and using the i-frame. Not much else is practical, unfortunately, as they're either melee or have uncontrollable mobility that most likely will result in you hitting your head on a pillar.

When Ebony is standing still and throwing rocks at you, go all out and deal as much damage as possible before you have to resume running around like a headless chicken.


Thanos is one of the most strategy-based fights, and probably the funnest to play. It may be hard to get used to, but once you get to know his skill rotations, you can play a lot more freely. I personally think the Thanos fight is the most well-designed of all the World Bosses - it's hard, but beatable with strategy.

The first phase is a breeze with Sin. Run away from the red cone punch, but when he does the second punch, use the 3* buff and roll back skill. The second time he does the punch, use the 5* i-frame and go all-out. Once he does his jump and land, he stays still for a decent amount of time, so you can spam skills.

His debuff balls do activate your passive, and are counted as debuffs so you're immune to them for 10 seconds. Save your team-up attack for when he debuffs you, then use it to get the most out of your damage. Once he starts the cone and punch again, repeat.

It gets easier in the second phase, but the first part is always the most difficult. Immediately after his phase-changing animation ends, he will launch a laser at you, which will deal high damage if you get caught in it. You can do multiple things here: if you think you can, run towards him and to either side to dodge the blast. If you don't think you can pull this off, you have the choice of using the 5* i-frame to dodge the brunt of the attack, or tag out. Immediately after this, he will cone and punch, so watch out for that.

When he does his jump in phases 2 and 3, he will stand still and shoot energy waves in a + sign and an X sign (two pluses, one rotated 45 degrees). Find a safe place to stand, then use her 5* skill and basic attacks - any other moves will put you in danger.

When he launches debuff balls at you, regardless of whether you have the passive up or not, this is the safest time to spam attacks. Use the 5*, 6*, whatever - you've got a decent amount of time where you don't have to worry about what move he will use next.

In the second phase, he will launch a series of 3 beams at you. These are all easy to dodge, so get in close to Thanos and run behind him, then use whatever skills. The beam will not track far enough to hit you. If you're far away from him and can't move out of the way in time, tag out.

The only addition in the third phase is his meteor shower shit. Sin should be easily fast enough to outrun this, and if you're lucky, your 5* skill i-frame will cancel out his portal entering.


Sin is a pretty underrated character. She's definitely not fantastic or meta-defining like Sharon Rogers, but she's a perfectly serviceable character that does her (somewhat limited) job really well.
Unfortunately, she requires a T2 to get the boost into viability (and there are better T2s to invest in) but I really liken her to Jessica Jones, another character I've invested a lot in - she can get very solid when built well, not the best, but definitely good enough to not be a disappointment nor a waste of materials.
If you're looking for the objective best character, definitely invest in Sharon Rogers over Sin, or Silk if you're looking for a Speed type. If you're a fan of the character, she'll do just fine.