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It Looks Like Egg Hatching has a Speed Limit in Pokemon GO

Looks Like You'll Need to Take it Slow to Hatch Those Eggs Faster in Pokemon GO
So I set up a test to determine the maximum speed you can travel to hatch eggs. I used a gps spoofer and a new account (this was done purely for testing). Then I created a route that was exactly 1 km long and tried various speeds and other variables to determine that 10.5 km/h or 175 m/min is an accurate speed for logging all distance traveled while hatching eggs.

Some things to take in

1. Pokemon GO does not document your speed directly. It logs your current location (Point A), and then in 1 minute it logs your new location (Point B). It then draws a straight line/"crow's flight" between Point A and Point B and calculates the distance. If this distance is 175 meters or less, you get full credit for the distance you traveled.

2. Because the game only calculates distance in a straight line, the max speed of 10.5 km/h can and should increase the curvier your route is. Here is a crappy diagram to explain what I mean. And no I won't be calculating your specific route for you.

3. Although the server updates your location data every minute. It will only update your egg screen every 4 minutes. So if you stay at exactly 10.5 km/h in a straight line for 4 minutes, you should see a total of .7 added to your egg when the screen updates.

4. Before anyone state that they were traveling at -insert speed higher than 10.5- km/h and received partial credit here is why. The location update may not start right when you start moving. It is a completely different timer that is linked to the server. Therefore you may have started walking 30 seconds after the minute timer started and although you were moving at 15 km/h you would have walked 125 meters in the remaining 30 seconds. Since this is less than 175 meters you will receive credit for distance traveled. Once the second minute interval starts you will then travel 250 meters in the full minute and will therefore not get any credit for distance traveled for that interval.

So now let's discuss some other things I tested to kill some urban myths. I tried having four different things open on my screen in different tests to see if it effected distance logging. All of these tests were performed at 10.5 km/h to prevent extra variables.

Distance logging is not impacted by

  • Having a pokestop selected on your screen
  • Having a different egg hatch mid walk. I'm referring to the screen with a picture of an egg that says "Oh?"
  • Having your menu open while walking. I was on the egg selection screen for testing. What is interesting is that the distance values don't actually update until you close the screen and reopen it, but the distance logged was correct.
CATCHING A POKEMON. I'm very excited to report this as it's been speculated for a long time that catching a pokemon while walking won't log your location correctly. That is wrong. I entered a battle/cutscene whatever you want to call it prior to walking. Didn't interact with it for the entire 1 km. At the end I caught 2 of the pokemon and ran from the other two. All four attempts gave me full distance logging.

The Data

I do consider this data to be conclusive at this point so I will not be running the same speeds listed below any longer. If you disagree with this please provide some testing procedures of your own. If anyone has a thought out request for a specific speed to test like /u/khag who I requested 10.8 km/h due to it being 3 m/sec please feel free to ask. However we now know 10.8 km/h is too fast so the magic number is somewhere less than that if it is not 10.5 km/h
  • 10 km/h tests resulted in - 1 km logged every time.
  • 10.5 km/h tests resulted in - 1 km logged every time.
  • 10.8 km/h tests resulted in - .3 km, .4 km and .6 km logged.
  • 11 km/h tests resulted in - .3 km, .2 km, and .5 km logged
  • 12 km/h tests resulted in - .5 km, .1 km, and .7 km logged,
Further testing/findings

1. I also tested to find out exactly what speed the "Are you a passenger" prompt shows up on your screen. This speed is 35 km/h.

2. The incense forces pokemon spawns when you travel over 200 m/min which is higher than the max speed for hatching (175 m/min).