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Here's a Solid AlphaBridge Build on Tom Clancy's: The Division

Here's a Solid AlphaBridge Build on Tom Clancy's: The Division
Have been seeing a few posts lately about Reclaimer support, Sentry support, Hybrids or whatever you like to call it. Some of those posts were really good and I'm sure they were helpful to many people out there. I started to build this way when 1.3 came out and I got maybe 3-4 268 pieces and thought that with 1 electronic piece, the rest how you prefer to play and the right Skill Attributes on your Gear you might be able to max Pulse and Smart Cover, do a ton of DPS and be able to stay alive. 

I'm sharing my AlphaBridge build because it is the only one that I have that is 99% done. I have a maxed out Reclaimer and a maxed out Sentry. My Sentry is only a 4 piece when maxed out, I'm one pair of gloves or chest away from making it a 5 piece.

This was kind of done by accident, When AlphaBridge was announced it sounded really cool. Definitely something a lot of people are interested in. 

I usually am using my Sentry builds or Reclaimer but I just kept stashing away the Alpha pieces I was getting, when I went to optimize the set I had a few nicely rolled pieces already, pieces that had the skill I wanted already or was able to roll for the skill attribute. 

With all 4 piece builds I look for backpack, mask, knee and hoster, even with sentry so when you get gloves or chest you can just plug in to a 5 piece. Doing it this way is a little tough but Allows you do use reckless/vigorous/savage or any other two piece bonus. 

I'll save two piece of chest and gloves like tac/FM/HF. Saves me tons of space, gives me many options to play with and test.


Two nights ago I got that backpack with smart cover damage and resilience already on it. I know the electronic roll is low, wish it was a little higher and the skill power is a little low but that will be a very hard piece to Replace.

Chest and gloves. I have luckily somehow acquired a lot of reckless/vigorous/savage pieces. I didn't post the pics of all of them here but my three pairs of savage gloves all have CHC CHD and pulse critical hit damage. I have one firearm, one stamina and one electronic. The other main varies from MMR dmg, shotgun, damage to elite. Would love for them to all have shotgun damage since I seem to always have one equipped with any build but I can't complain. Same goes with vigorous and reckless. 

I have each in firearms, stamina, electronics and all of them have +2.5-3% Smart Cover damage resilience. Don't know how that happened either, kept throwing new ones in stash until I had a bunch and was able to calibrate them to that. This has made my farming for the right Gear Set pieces much more easy. Instead of getting lets say a Reclaimer mask that is electronics but has skill power already and a fucked up skill attribute and saying it is junk, I can make it work by switching the chest and/or gloves until the balance is back to where I like it. My electronic piece is the backpack, I held onto the firearms one I had before, again my switch that and one pair of gloves I can go back to a 400k toughness area.


Ok so I lied, pulse critical hit damage is 0.80% from being maxed, again can't complain. Would easily hit it if the gloves skill attribute or the holster weren't 8.5% which is the low end.


Assault Rifles




Shotgun Version 1

Shotgun Version 2 

Some aren't perfect yet and I would like them all to be 229 because I do try to mod all weapons with the best I can do in slot. It is pretty useful if you run out of ammo and quickly switch to your secondary which also gets all of the buffs. But the 182 and 163 I have are there because of competent and I really like that weapon talent. I don't always run pulse either if someone has a good one so having a quick cool down and popping heals to proc competent is great. I've hardly had any M1As drop yet. I have a few really nice ones that will be hard to replace anyways.
AlphaBridge might be more of a novelty set, I've used it on a bunch in a bunch of PVE stuff before it was fully complete. AR, SMG and shotgun combos hit really really hard. One fun thing about having an AB set is you take a second look at weapon drops. Instead of labeling 95% as junk. Only have been in the Dark Zone with it twice, hopefully get in there tonight. Shotgun/SMG/AR were all plenty powerful in there and held it's own with PVP. I have been in DZ groups with one guy running AB for PVP and it has usually worked out well. Just need to get in there with it a little more.
Thanks for taking a look. Game might not be perfect but the building and theory crafting is a very fun part of it for me.