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Helpful Tips in No Man's Sky that are Never Explained to you

Helpful Tips in No Man's Sky that were Never Explained to you
Hey fellow explorers! Hope you're loving the game as much as I am! So part of the joy of No Man's Sky is learning by doing, and learning by failing. The game doesn't explain a lot of things very clearly, which can provide a great "experience" as you feel like you're discovering how everything works on your own. But it can also be frustrating. For those of you looking to ease that frustration, here are some "tips" of how the mechanics work for parts of the game that are never taught to you.


1. Flashlight: Hit "up" on the D-Pad. (Only works at night.)

2. Restore HUD: Hit "left" on the D-Pad (u/lionturtl3)

3. Melee: R1.

4. Sprint: R3 (Pres right thumbstick. You don't have to hold it. It toggles.)

5. Triple Zoom: When zooming (L2), you can click the right thumbstick to zoom in further two times. (This makes analyzing from a distance much easier.)

6. Waypointing: Scanning with the visor(L2) a structure will mark it white, using the scan ability (L3) will remove it.


1. Sprint Hop: While walking/sprinting tap melee and then immediately tap jump. You'll get a massively boosted jump, roughly 4x the speed of sprinting, which really helps with getting around on foot.


1. Inventory Stacking: Each slot in your suit can hold up to 250 of any resource. Each slot in your ship can hold up to 500.

2. Stack Green/Rare Items: This is super helpful as these items do not stack on their own. It's a bit of a process to understand, so check out the explanation here (Possibly a bug, not a mechanic).

3. Targeted Transfer Into: If you hit Triangle on an empty slot in the ship or exo-suit inventory you will be able to select the item from the other inventory that you wish to place there. Note: This should only be done transferring items from suit to ship. If you use this method to to trnasfer ship to suit, a stack of 500 will be reduced to 250 for a single suit slot. It won't divide into two stacks of 250 like it does when you transfer the "normal" way. Heads up.

4. Upgrades Add-Up: Upgrades for your ship, suit, and multitool are additive. (Ex: Having a +1 mining beam cool down, and a +2 mining beam cool down is better than just having the +2.)

5. Upgrade Placement: Upgrades should be placed next to the item they're boosting, or next to a previous upgrade that's connected to the same item, if possible (which it often isn't). (Ex: A scanner upgrade should be be placed next to the scanner, or next to a previous upgrade that's connected to the scanner.) When this happens, you'll see a colored ring appear around the upgrade, which means the upgrade is working at max capacity. Ring colors are believed to be specific to the tech type.  

6. UPGRADES/TECH CANNOT BE MOVED. Upgrades must be dismantled and rebuilt. Some tech (Multi-Tool Mining Beam, Ship Tech and Basic Suit Tech) cannot be dismantled at all. Dismantling upgrades/tech provides a blueprint and 50% of the resources needed to build it .  

Most upgrades will work regardless of where they're placed, but clustered upgrades (colored rings mentioned above) give bonuses to each other, even when the cluster itself is not next to the parent item. For instance, Cannon Damage +1, +2 and +3 still combine together and give huge bonuses even when they're not connected to the Plasma Cannon item.

7. Recharging equipment: You can quickly recharge suit and ship components by "stacking" the recharging resource on top of the component. (Ex. To recharge your Life Support, click on a red resource as if you were going to move it to another slot, and then click on Life Support.)

8. Weapon Switching and Reloading: Hit Triangle to switch weapons in your ship, and to switch weapons on your multi-tool. Hit Square to reload weapons on your multi-tool. Use L1 to use the grenade launcher (once installed), and when out of ammo, use L1 to reload as well.

9. Mining Laser Quick Cooldown: While mining, let go of the trigger for just a second before overheating, and immediately start firing again. You can also fire a grenade or use your boltcaster while holding R2 to mine to instantly reset cooldown as well. (Probably bug, not a mechanic.)


1. Cockpit View: External cockpit models on ships affect your view while inside it. Pick the bubble-style or other seamless models for best visibility.

2. Ship Take-off Without Resource Use: If you land on a landing pad, or by a designated landing post/callback post, at an Outpost or other location, you don't use any fuel on takeoff. Also landing on a landing pad allows you to sell items from your ship at a trading terminal.

3. Pirate Attacks: The more precious your cargo the more likely you'll get targeted by pirates. (Numerous strategies for fighting pirates have been mentioned in the comments. Basically get a shield upgrade, phase beam upgrade, and ye llow materials to restore your ship's shield. Should make the fight much easier.)

Misc/General Tips

Some of these are explained in game, and some aren't mechanics, but general tips.

1. Analyzing Creatures Dots: While holding L2, creatures you've analyzed will have a green dot. Red dots show for creatures you have not analyzed. Gray dots indicate a creature is too far away to know whether it's been analyzed or not.

2. Analyzing Flying Creatures: Shoot them down with an upgraded mining beam, or upgraded boltcatser and scan the dead body. (If thesse aren't upgraded, it takes FOR-EV-ER to kill one of these things.)

3. 100% Creature Analysis: In the Start/Options menu it lists how many creatures you have to scan on each planet for 100%. After finding, scanning and uploading all creatures, hold X over the 100% box to receive a couple hundred thousand in units. (You can also do this immediately after landing on a planet with 0 life forms. No cash, but it counts towards the milestone marker (and PS4 trophies.)
Avoiding Planet Hazards: Going into a cave, or blasting a fairly deep hole in the ground or hillside with a grenade both provide shelter from extreme cold/heat/radioactivity and will restore your resistance against those elements.

4. Recipe Pinning: You can "pin" the recipe for a piece of tech you want to build by pressing triangle when trying to install a technology. From then, the game will track what resources and how much remaining you need to complete that technology, displayed as a notification in the bottom right. You can only pin one at a time.

5. Beacon Scanner: You can use the same scanning beacon (crate with orange light shooting out of the top, requires a bypass chip) multiple times for locating monoliths and buildings. They are not single use.

6. Bottom Right Red Icon: This indicates your suit inventory is full. It'd white when you have available slots.

7. Atlas Interface Word Lights: When in the Atlas interface room, walk over all the lights in the floor as they have a chance at providing you words for the different languages.

8. Buy Low, Sell High: At space station trading terminals, check to see if anything listed has a yellow star on the. These items are being bought for a much higher price (usually double) than normal. You can go back out into the landing area and interact with the other ships there. Try buying the items (that were starred on the terminal) from the traders, and then sell them at the terminal. 

NOTE: Pay attention to the price they're selling it to you. Some traders sell it at VERY HIGH prices and you could lose money, rather than make money.

9. Game Save: The game saves when you exit your ship, not when you enter it. Save before using the hyperdrive as the game is known to crash while flying in hyperspace.

10. Squeaky Chairs: You can interact with spinny chairs in buildings. They squeak realistically when you spin them. :P

Knowing these have made my gameplay so much more enjoyable.