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Blizzard Brags About Secrets in Legion which will be Challenging for Players to Find

Blizzard Brags About Secrets in Legion which will be Challenging for Players to Find
World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion is something of a continuation to the Burning Crusade expansion, where Azeroth and its heroes explored Outland, the shattered remnants of the original Orc homeworld of Draenor. While the Burning Legion had only appeared several decades ago, and been defeated by Malfurion Stormrage and the united races of Azeroth, the Alliance, and the Horde.

Now, the Burning Legion is coming back, and the heroes of Azeroth must prepare to drive them back. The expansion is also getting a great deal of promotion for World of Warcraft Legion players to partake in, whether it’s the “Harbingers” video series or various snippets of information from Blizzard.

Blizzard’s challenge is quite the brag, especially when the website Wowhead exists, and has the job of making everything in the game findable with ease. The Legion secrets are only the latest that are coming for World of Warcraft; every expansion before then has had new challenges, new secret things to do. Players will likely be busy in the months after Legion’s release simply going around and running through the expansion’s main questline.

With various characters from Warcraft’s lore making a return, including Sargeras (the leader of the Burning Legion), Gul’dan the warlock, Khadgar the sorcerer, and Illidan Stormrage (best known for screaming “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED” at World of Warcraft Legion players in the Burning Crusade trailer), Legion will also be including a new character class: demon hunters. These will be the second “hero class” introduced in the game, after the Death Knights were released for Wrath of the Lich King.

In addition, the dev also speaks about bringing back cosmetic styles for different types of armour and weapons. Jeremy Feasel, in an interview with WowHead said that they were looking at putting deprecated or extremely rare items in via secret finds or hidden locations. He then goes on to talk about secrets in Legion in general:

“I think we’ve done more in Legion than we’ve done in all of the previous expansions combined, and I will straight up put out the challenge that I think one of the things isn’t going to be found for six months or more.”

Even fellow designer Jonathan LeCraft wasn’t sure that would remain the case. It’s a particularly interesting claim to make in an interview with a site like Wowhead which is, essentially, a tool to make anything in the game findable with ease.

It’s also exactly the sort of thing the game needs. Every expansion has brought higher peaks to every aspect of WoW’s gameplay, and Legion redoubles that - two million gold mounts, prestige systems for PvP, fishing having its very own artifact - an ARG-like secret would be perfect for keeping people engaged.

Check out below the full interview of WowHead, where Feasel and LeCraft also discuss Demon Hunters in-depth, including the possibilities for a third spec:

Legion will release on August 30.