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A Theory on How to Get More 10 km Eggs in Pokemon GO

A Theory on How to Get More 10 km Eggs in Pokemon GO
As we all know, Pokestops are one of the easiest ways to increase their XP levels. Several items such as 10KM eggs could also be obtained if the player is lucky.

Most players look at Pokestops as place to get items for the game. But it can also you give around 50 XP points. But some veterans have found a way to double the XP given as well increase the likelihood of getting valuable items like the 10km egg.

First, the player must visit at least 10 different Pokestops in the span of around 30 minutes or less. During the process, each Pokestops should only be visited once and no doubling back. The tenth and last Pokestop will provide players with a double XP or around 100 points.

Some players have reported that they have doubled their XP earnings or more after only visiting six different Pokestops. However, the XP reward levels seem to vary among players and depending on the circumstances involved.

What prompted many players to try this Pokestop farming tactic is the possibility of getting a 10km egg or other similar goodies. Players however, should make sure that they have slot available just in case such items appear in the Pokestops.

Players must maintain a number of slots open before they start this Pokestop farming trick in order to maximize their item hunt. Aside from the 10km eggs items such as Poke Balls and potions can also be big help to "Pokemon Go" players.

So with this in mind, I tried to test it out myself.

The Experiment

I received lots of 10 km eggs when I first started playing, but as I've reached higher levels There weren't 10 km eggs at all. I read everything I could and decided to test location: farming vs new spots. I went with the idea that eggs are matched to your trainer level when they are received and the longer you hold onto an egg, the less desirable the mon will be, as shared in other posts.

I started by clearing out all egg slots. I had used purchased incubators for 5km eggs only, leaving me with mostly 2 km eggs. Once all 9 spots were open, I started gathering new eggs.

First test came after reading the 10 pokestop bonus: I decided to test it and egg drops at the same time. I went to an area I had never been to before. I went to a street festival and walked in a straight line, getting all the pokestops, and trying to keep to the 10th stop bonus rules. In the end, I got 2x 10km; 2x 2km; and the remainder 5km (x5). That's 20% 10km. This is compared to weeks with no 10 km eggs. Also, confirmed 10th stop bonus as others have already too.

Second test was to try the opposite: farming. I was basically hitting fewer stops more frequently, mostly ones by home and work. This is the same thing I usually do, same pokestops, same order: to work, the way home, and near home but without all the old eggs holding spots. Results: 5x 2km and 4x 5km. This is better than before, but no 10 km eggs.

Up to this point, I was < level 24. I found eggs dropped as soon as I had a slot open. I was able to fill all 9 spots in the first test fairly quickly, getting an egg every 2nd - 3rd pokestop. That changed at level 24.

Third test: I hatched eggs all day, so at the end of the day, all 9 egg slots would be empty. I didn't hit a pokestop while The eggs were hatching so they would remain empty until I was was ready to start. I returned to an area I had gone to for the first time the day before. It was not a completely new location, but I kept to the 10th stop bonus rules and went in only one direction. My phone died, I had to stop and recharge and then decided to head back as I knew I would not have enough battery to fill all the spots. At level 24 eggs dropped much less frequently, and drops seemed more random: nothing for 10 pokestops, then 2 eggs over the next 5 stops. I kept going until my battery died.

At this point, I expected the test was ruined. So, the next day, I walked my regular route to work still trying to meet the 10th stop bonus rules and, clearly, going in one direction, not a circuit. At lunch, I had time to walk one loop, on my usual circuit, no stops were repeated. Result: it took a full 24 hours to have all 9 slots filled but, I got: 4x 2 km; 3x 5km; and 3x 10km. The most 10 km eggs so far. This is 10 eggs, as the first 2 km egg hatched before the last spot was filled. That's 30% 10 km eggs, and the last 2 eggs were 10 km.

Summary: It seems that what made a difference, was not repeating pokestops. In the past, I went to the same few stops, as often as I could, while I stayed in one spot and didn't have 10 km eggs drop. This time, when I moved constantly, mostly in one direction when hitting pokestops but did stop on the route. When I did double back on the same route, it wasn't until an hour later, and I took a different route and ate, so I started later in the route. It is possible shorter breaks (less than 2 hours followed by 11 hours) would also work. I'm not sure if the extra time from the battery needing to be charged, or being in two different areas had any impact. It is also possible that just clearing out all the eggs made a difference. When I went to farming in the second test, there were no 10 km eggs.

This does need more testing, and I know the ability to test will depend on access to pokestops. Please test, expand, disprove, or add as you gather more eggs.