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This Pokédex Battery Case Is The Most Genuine Way To Play Pokémon Go

The case itself is 3D-printed from ABS in classic Pokédex red and acetone polished to a high sheen. 
It has a 18650 lithium cell supplies to charge your cellphone through a USB microB plug mounted in the bottom of the Pokedex.

The electrical portion of the project is pretty minimalist: A 18650 lithium cell supplies backup power for your cell phone through a USB microB Plug Breakout mounted in the bottom of the Pokédex. To charge your smartphone, the 3.7v output of the 18650 needs to be boosted to 5v, this is where the SparkFun Power Cell comes in.

Also to make it look like the original Pokedex, it has three LED lights: red, yellow and green with a few resistors to prevent the LEDs from overcurrent. It also has a power switch to the battery input and, an “enable” pin on the Power Cell board but even with the board disabled, it can slowly drain your battery. The diagram below will help you visualize the electronics of this Pokedex:

There are some room in the backside of the Pokédex model to jam the electronic components into and make sure that the power switch and the USB charging port for the Power Cell are accessible once everything is mounted:

Now NPoole has noted that he has left some space on this first model as he is planning to add cooling fans and extra batteries to the next revision. He also mentioned that this model was designed to fit a Samsung Galaxy S4. So, if you’re an iPhone 6 users or any that wants to build a custom Pokedex like this, then you can by downloading and printing his designs right here.

Source: Sparkfun (Npoole)