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This Guy Beats Fallout 4 Without Taking Any Damage

Fallout 4 imposes a lot of challenge to players including simple radiation from the environments to some monsters of abomination. For me, it’s really hard to finish FO4 but for this guy, he actually completed it without taking a single hit.

Youtube user T-Ronix had challenged himself, of beating Fallout 4 without getting hit by enemies even once. On top of that, he added some extra flavour to the challenge by not using any chems, power armour or companions (unless the quest forced him to use it). And once he got hit or broke those rules, he’d have to start all over again (from the very beginning). Talk about a serious challenge!

There were a series of tries until on the 8th or 9th attempt; he finally beat FO4 without taking a single hit. The key was in basically knowing exactly what he was up against in every major encounter, so that he could prepare by taking things out in a good order, packing the right equipment. And eventually, he does a lot of sneaking in the process.

If you want to see T-Ronix in live action doing his thing, then check out the video below. Just take note that this is a 10-part YouTube upload of a series of Twitch streams, so there’s some fiddling around the edges and gaps in play here.