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These Delicious Dishes From Final Fantasy XV Will Definitely Make You Drool

Final Fantasy XV is surely an outstanding game in terms of detailed graphical design on its surroundings, NPC, characters and objects. That’s not all; the dishes in the game are so realistic that it will surely make you drool!

When you play Final Fantasy XV this September, you will not only kill enemies, level your characters and explore the vast world in the game; you’ll also be collecting ingredients along the way which you will then use to cook meal each time your party rests at a camp site.

Check out some of the meals you can enjoy in Final Fantasy XV below:

Better ingredients mean better meals – something hearty like a stew or chicken – and if you haven’t collected anything, you’ll just get a plate of toast. Either way, your crew will bond around a fire and take some time to rest after a tough day of battle.

“Mealtime is an essential part of bringing the ‘friends on the road’ concept to life,” Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata told IGN. “As you tour the world, you’ll sample exotic local dishes together, and meals also play a significant role in gameplay: a day’s boosts are determined by what the party ate the night before. Boosts include resistance to poison, enhance stamina, attack buffs, and more, so players can prepare for the day ahead by planning their meals accordingly. As Ignis improves at cooking, he’ll add more dishes to his repertoire, offering a variety of boosts.”

Final Fantasy XV will be released worldwide on September 30 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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