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The Division: Deadeye Set Appears to be Bugged

Via Youtube, a user name Breezy has just revealed that the new Deadeye set for Tom Clancy’s: The Division is currently bugged. This is the exact same bug that we’ve seen with the Competent ability where players was able to stack a talent by switching their gears again and again. 

How this bug/glitch can be game-breaking? From a PvP standpoint, using a Deadeye set will be much easier to deal large amounts of damage to players without needing to hit the head. 

As we all know, the Deadeye set takes away the headshot damage bonus but, it gives you a 100% crit hit chance on marksman rifles while not in scoped. Using this bug makes any build with Deadeye pieces absolutely broken in pvp. 

And, just imagine what it can do to your head (LOL). If you get 1/2 shot in the DZ for the coming weeks you will know why.

Go check out the video below by Breezy, showing and proving that the bug exists. No  DZ for me then until this is fixed.