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Quickly Locate a Pokémon Using this Really Awesome Pokémon: Go Map

The Ingress app might help you pinpoint the location, on where lots of Pokémon hangout in your area but the problem is, it doesn’t tell you what exactly the Pokémon within that location are. You may end up walking/riding for how many kilometres just to find another crowd of Rattata or any other Pokémon that you already have. 

So is there any way to know what Pokémon are lurking on that area? Yes there is! There’s a few Pokémon: Go map right now and I will recommend some of the best in this page. Take note that I’ll only recommend those legit Pokémon: Go map that are currently available right now. Well, I think nobody wants an app that has malicious script on it right?

My most favourite Pokémon: Go map so far is the Poke Radar. With Poke Radar, you can automatically see all of the known Pokémon locations around you by scrolling around the map or you can alternatively use the “Search” button to select a specific Pokémon you want to find.

How can you assure that the location is not fake?

A tool like this that's open and driven by the community will surely have some individuals who submit fake locations to waste others time. But Poke Radar for Pokemon GO has an awesome, super intelligent rating system for each submission that will toss out submissions that get enough down votes! So, if you stumble across a useless Pokemon location that was marked, be sure to down vote it! If it helped you, up vote it!

Currently, the app is only available on Windows and iOs devices but I’m pretty sure an Android version will be on its way very soon. Also right now, Poke Radar has some huge amount of traffic making the app virtually inaccessible for others (I hope they fix their server soon though as I just want to show you guys how great this app is). 

If you can use the app then congrats but if you can’t, then here are some alternatives for it.

The best alternatives for Poke Radar are Poke Crew and Poke Mapper. These two are somehow identical to what Poke Radar does. But eventually, Poke Radar has one big advantage: And that is the huge amount of crowd interacting and using the app. Both tool may function like the Poke Radar but, the up votes and down votes from a huge crowd certainly makes Poke Radar simply the best Pokemon locator for Pokemon: Go right now.

I will add some screenshots later on this page on how effective Poke Radar is when I can finally get to its server. In the meantime, you can try this app for yourself.

Bonus tip: You can pair the Ingress App and Poke Radar to locate the Pokemon that you want. The Poke Radar will be use to pinpoint the exact location of the Pokemon. While the Ingress app will give you certainty that the area mentioned in Poke Radar is a Pokemon hotspot. :)