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Pokemon Go: Stop Throwing Rogue Curve Balls with this Simple Tip

I don’t know if you guys know this but just in case you don’t, then let me share it to you. Okay, so there are a few assistive touch app in both android and iOs devices right now that help you prevent from throwing rogue curve balls and saving those precious poke balls.

What I’ve learned is that, assistive app like EasyTouch can help you eliminate the touchscreen responsiveness of your phone. By doing so, you can assure that you can throw a straight poke ball, and should help you prevent rogue or wild curve balls.

How to do it?

First thing you need is an assistive touch app. For iPhone users, you can then download EasyTouch and for android phone users, I can recommend Frep- Finger Replayer (you can also use EasyTouch anyway). Just simply go to your iTunes/Google Play Store, and search for these apps and click install.


I’m an iPhone user so I downloaded Easy Touch: Simply head to the app setting, click general and then click accessibility. From there, you can select assistive touch and create a new gesture.

Note: For latest model iPhones like the iPhone 6, AssistiveTouch feature is already integrated in your device. Just simply go to your accessibility tab menu.

When you’re creating a new gesture, you should record your best Poke ball throwing motion. The app will then record the motion plus the speed! In my case, I recorded one for shorter distance and a fast one for mid/long distance.

Curve Ball motion

Fast ball motion
Once finished creating your best pokeball throwing motion, simply turn assistive touch on and select your Pokethrow from your custom gestures menu. Then just tap the pokeball and it will do its magic! :)

Bonus Tip: You can create a shortcut in accessibility settings to quickly turn Assistive Touch on and off with three clicks of the home button.

Is this cheating?

No it’s NOT! And it does not give anyone an unfair advantage. It's not going to net you some super rare Pokemon or even really good ones for that matter. It's just a quick way to help save some pokeballs on low CP mons. When you're riding between 3-10 pokeballs a large majority of the time, every throw counts. Plus it's helpful for people with cracked screens and disabilities.

Final Notes: I haven't tested it a ton, so I'm sure there will still be times I'll need to throw manually since distances vary. But by eliminating the touch screen responsiveness factor it helps guarantee you're throwing straight and should help prevent rogue curve balls.

Hope this will help you trainers! Happy Hunting!