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Pokemon Go: Looks Like the Region-Locked Pokemon Are Not Too Exclusive After All

you can hatch from egg region locked pokemon in pokemon go
The first documented trainer who had catch all Pokemon in his area was from United States. And now, there’s another guy that claims that he had catch them all!

This time around, it’s from United Kingdom. Yeah I know, the news of him catching all Mon in his area isn’t that exciting at all but, there’s a really interesting discovery that he had documented when he had achieved this feat.

The 32-year-old says that as far as he knows he is the first to catch all of the 143 Pokemon that are available in the UK. The walking involved in catching the animals – the equivalent of five marathons – led father-of-four Sam Clark not only to catch them all but, he also managed to lose two stone in the couple of weeks that he played the game.

We are happy that the guy is now healthy thanks to all that walking (made possible by Pokemon GO) but, the real big news is that he documented that the region-locked Pokemon are not that exclusive after all!

Rumors has it that Tauros is exclusively available for North American continent but, Sam managed to get this Pokemon! The fact that he's from UK and he obtained a Tauros, obviously means that travelling is not really mandatory if you want to catch all the Pokemon available in the game.

So basically, the rumors of Farfetch’d being Asia exclusive, Kanghaskhan for Australia only and Mr. Mime for Europe only are not that true at all! From what I’ve heard, these relatively rare Pok√©mon can hatch from 5-kilometer eggs, which aren't too hard to acquire but aren't common either. 

The only problem is that due to it’s rare, then expect that you need a lot of luck on getting one. But atleast, we now know that travel is only optional. I’ll bet that many would prefer their luck on eggs than spending money just to travel and catch those rare Pokemon.

The only question now that are left unanswered are: How to we access the legendary Pokemon for each team and; Where is Ditto?

Proof: I know you guys don't believe everything that are written on the internet but gladly, Sam has uploaded a video showing his Pokedex with Tauros on it.

You can also check his youtube channel and even be friends with him, just in case you still believe the authenticity of this post. :D

Update: A facebook user named Andrew Falzon commented on our post. Validating that our post is true. He's from Australia and have hatched over 100 eggs since the release of Pokemon GO 3 weeks ago. On Sunday that passed (5days ago), he hatched his last egg that contained the last Pokemon he needed (Farfetch'd). Now, his pokedex now reads 145/145. Here's a video proof and you can check a screenshot of his Pokedex below.