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Pokemon Go Easter Eggs & Some Theories

Pokemon Go Easter Eggs The Discovered Ones & Some Theories
Niantic's CEO - John Hanke hinted that there may be other Easter Eggs hidden buried in there yet to be discovered during the panel discussion on Comic-Con 2016. 

In this page, you will learn some of those already discovered Easter Eggs in Pokemon Go and, some theories that I will put up here so that whoever will read this can help in disapproving or verifying that it's working or not.

So check out some of the known easter eggs and theories below.

Known Easter Eggs:

Eevee Evolution

Niantic CEO John Hanke Confirmed that Eevee Evolution Easter Eggs in Pokemon Go works with the Naming Tactic. If you rename your Eevee as Sparky, Rainer, or Pyro the Pokemon will transform into the evolution of your choice like Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon.

Pikachu as Starter Pokemon

Pikachu in Pokemon GO is one of the Favourite Pokemon every Trainer want to start their Journey with. After the introduction and basics, 3 Pokemon will spawn near your location - Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle just like Ash had the option before starting his Pokemon journey. Avoid selecting any of these Pokemon as your First Pokemon and walk away(4 times) to force Pikachu to spawn. Follow the steps in our cheat to Spawn Pikachu Guide.

Team Color Menu Buttons

One of the Reddit User had discovered this Possible Easter Eggs in Pokemon GO. Press the menu button(PokeBall Icon), and click on one of the options(Pokedex, Shop, Pokemon, Items), the button will highlight blue and then take you to the corresponding screen. Now Each Button in the Menu has a Hidden Team Color and to activate then exit the menu screen and this time press and hold the Pokeball icon that brings you back there. While holding press and tap one of the Options.

Each button will now display a different color aura like red for Pokedex, yellow for Pokemon, Blue for Items and Purple for Shop. The developers announced there are additional easter eggs in the game that have not been discovered yet, so we yet to discover which team the Purple color resembles too or how does the Color Code work.

Some Theories:
  • You can tap in Pokemon to make them play their sound. Maybe you can find a hidden Ditto with it
  • Another theory is naming the Pokemon Ditto will reveal that it's a Ditto
  • Ritchie's Butterfree was named Happy I named my existing one Happy but nothing changed (tested the sound after restarting)
  • In the Anime Series there was a Pikachu named Puka Maybe evolving such a Pikachu does something ...
  • The Team Rocket members Jessie and James each had their "main" Pokemon. Maybe renaming them does something: Weezing -> "James" and Arbok -> "Jessie". Or renaming the previous evolution and evolving them...
  • Meowth also was a member of Team Rocket. Renaming him to "Rocket" or "Team Rocket" and evolving him might be an easteregg. (btw. in the game every meowth stands on two feet, although only Team Rocket's meowth learned how to stand
  • Ritchie also had a charmander named "Zippo" which evolved into a Charmeleon
  • Besides Charmander and Butterfree Ritchie also named his Pikachu "Sparky"
  • In the first Pokemon Movie a Blastoise called "Shell Shocker" made an appearance
  • In the same movie a Venausaur called "Brute Root" was cloned by Mewtwo
  • In the episode "Where Art Thou, Pokemon?" there was a Nidorino named "Tony" and a Nidorina named "Maria"
  • The trainer Duplica in the Anime had a Ditto called "Mini-Dit"
  • Could a renamed Magikarp turn into a Red Gyarados? We can test naming one "Red Gyarados" or "Rage" and see if it does something.
  • You can hold the Pokeball and swipe to acces the menues. Some people had the idea of trying out some sort of Konami Code, but without success (yet?)
  • My theory (which I unfortunately can't test, because I don't have all necessary Pokemon) is that when you favoritise certain Pokemon your trainer appearance might change.
  • For example Misty's team in the Anime consisted of Staryu, Starmie, Goldeen, Gyrados, Horsea and Psyduck. She temporarily had a Seaking, Golduck, Pikachu, Vulpix, Scyther and Bulbasaur
  • In the Anime Brock had a Geodude and an Onix
  • Ash had Pikachu, Charizard, Bulbasaur, Snorlax, Kingler, Muk and 30 Tauros (only used 1 of them). Temporarily he owned Lapras, Pidgeotto -> Pidgeot, Squirtle (from the Squirtle Squad), Charmander -> Charmeleon, Krabby, Primeape, Haunter, Caterpie -> Metapod -> Butterfree and a Raticate
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